Tere vireh ki agni main jalkar

Main khaak ho gayi hoon

Tujhse ishq karke Sadah

Main Sita si paak ho gayi hoon.



Having burnt in the flames of your separation

I have turned into ashes Oh Sadah

After having loved you

I have become as unadulterated and angelic as Sita.

I have loved you so deeply and truly that I can’t quantify my love in words. Neither can I ever explain the intensity of it.

I just know one thing, Oh Sadah! Had it not been for you, I would never have been what I am.

You are my rhyme, my rhythm, you are that one single important part of my life, without which, my life… I cannot fathom.

You are the nature’s serenity; you are the soul’s music; you are in the instruments playing somewhere far in the background; never visible, but always there.

You are everything, everywhere, all the time. You are in the eyes of the beholder.

I have loved you like no one possibly ever will. I have loved you more than I was capable of. And the best part is, I still do and will always continue to.

You are life and death and everything in between.

I can feel you in the gentle breeze that touches my hair ever so lightly; I can imagine you in my dreams and hallucinations too; I can sense you somewhere around even though I know you aren’t; I can talk to you for hours in spite of the fact that we aren’t even talking.

You make it all so easy and all so complex.

Life, with you, is as easy as cutting through butter with a hot knife and as difficult as cutting through diamond with a sheet of paper.

You are the questions to all my answers and the answers to all my questions.

Only problem is, I can’t ask you anything and you can’t tell me anything.

We are who we are, how we are and what we are.

That’s us.

P.S. You are the source of purity in this world of impurities.

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