Paradoxical Hypocritical Judging Syndrome

There is this weird thing going on in the world. Some of you might have heard about it. It’s called ‘Hypocrisy’.

Hypocrites exist. People who are okay with something, until they aren’t in certain situations and then they are okay again.

Then there is a thing called ‘Judging’. Some people are judgmental. Almost everyone is. Some accept it, some don’t. For example, I am judgmental. I judge the crap out of people.

Then there is an all new thing called, “Paradoxical Hypocritical Judging“.

Now this is a really amazing thing. Follow my line of thought here.

I judge you. You judge me. While you judge me, you tell me how it is completely wrong about being judgmental and how I am in no place to judge because I don’t know your life and your beliefs, etc. And then when I judge you for that, you blame me for being extremely and annoyingly judgmental while saying that it is completely wrong to judge someone because humans aren’t allowed to do so. Only god is!

You see the problem there?

I’ll have to wait for my name to go up on the charts for my research on Covid-19, String Theory, P versus NP and a few other works, but I am pretty sure that this new syndrome that I have coined will see the light of day soon.

Paradoxical Hypocritical Judging Syndrome

I know the name isn’t really what it should be yet. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue quite easily. I assure you, I am working on it.

With further research, there will be more data and possibly an easier or a lot more complex name.

Now, as I start treading down this new path, exploring an all new avenue, I’ll leave you all to ‘Be Who You Are‘.

Start judging me. Start telling me how I am judgmental. I have given you enough data until now for you to be able to judge me to the moon and back.

Please don’t back off. I need that syndrome to be associated with my name.


P.S. Share it with as many people you can. More judging leads to more data. Please!

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  1. You are judging people by judging that people judge others and you are judging yourself for judging others, that’s too much of judgement .

    {Sorry just messing around😜😜,btw great piece}
    Ps-don’t judge me by this comment


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