To Each Their Own

I have been blamed quite a few times for making contradictory statements. I never really could figure out what, when or how, but people who spent their lives having learned only one thing at most, often pointed a finger at me.

Recently, it was brought to my notice that God is ‘The Universal Truth’. I was also told that every person has his/her own definition of God. “To Each Their Own“.

I don’t know if I have ever made any contradictory statements, but even if I have, I am pretty sure they weren’t ‘this‘ contradictory.

How can something be a Universal Truth while being ‘To Each Their Own’?

Gravity is a Universal truth.

You live on Earth. I live on Earth. And billions of other creatures do to. Also, non-living things.

Earth’s gravity acts on every single person and thing, all the same. 9.8m/s2!

That is Universal truth.

F = G((m1.m2)/r2)

And that is the formula for the Universal Truth of Gravity.

If you can do the Math, use the formula, solve an equation. You’ll probably get to know how it works.

Gravitational Constant, mass of two objects and the squared distance between them.

You can’t say that god is a Universal truth and then tell me, one can believe and trust in god in whatever way one likes or wishes because he is ‘To Each Their Own’.

I mean, you can’t choose the amount of gravity.

A poor man can’t ask for more gravity and a rich man can’t really donate him some.

Can’t even bring some gravity over from Jupiter.

That is what a ‘Universal Truth’ is actually like.

“To Each Their Own” isn’t really how a Universal Truth should be like. It isn’t even the truth!

That’s more of a fictional story.

I like Sherlock, I want to believe he actually existed.
(Which he did. Just not in the exact same way.)

You don’t like Sherlock, you believe that there can never be anyone like him.

And there is someone, who wants him to be true at times and then not be true other times.

Truth doesn’t really work that way.

For something to be true, you need to have some actual hard evidence and then that story has to hold equally, whenever and wherever applied.

P.S. You can’t tag anything as being a Universal Truth just because you want to!

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  1. I donโ€™t know you sound too logical that you might confused people. If you could explain it in simpler terms, your argument might be stronger. But donโ€™t take my word for it, I just recently discovered your site and have not read all of your posts to draw a conclusion. Just a thought.

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  2. Yes, God is the Universal Truth and those who really are aware of it won’t say “Each to their own” at the same time. If a person tells you that everyone has their own definition of God, then that person doesn’t really know what God is.

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      • I must say, you’re pretty… closed up lol. How about being a bit lighter? XD


      • You mean stupid. No thanks. If I start being stupid and start acting like someone with your IQ, what will I do with the remaining 100?


      • Well, you’re being stupid now, you don’t have to start. Being all rational and trying to explain everything with hard tangible evidence won’t get you very far. But ya do what ya want. Can’t argue with stupid people.


      • Actually I was not talking about your IQ, but meant closed up emotionally. You may have a high IQ, but that was not what I was talking about here. There is something called SQ, you may want to take a look at that, maybe even just EQ would help in your case lol.


  3. “For something to be true, you need to have some actual hard evidence and then that story has to hold equally, whenever and wherever applied.”

    Now, we have all those different teachings that use different words to describe the same Truth.
    I already clarified it, published a post today (your username mentioned in the title).

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  4. I like your science posts – and I even donโ€™t mind your opinion posts – those are your opinions and get people talking or debating. It is always good to give thought or other perspectives.

    Some religious people want you to only believe what they want. If I take it how I want it – that is for me, and me alone with whatever I believe or donโ€™t believe.

    I support your convictions with what you believe… no problems with that. However you view is what you chose for yourself.

    Sometimes, you seem a little hurtful towards others?… but I am not sure if that is because other people come at you pretty hard also??

    No one wants to be attacked or belittled. And we all want the freedom to make our own minds, have our own thoughts and beliefs

    It just is what it is. Religion is a hot topic to many. You are going to get some heated responses in this area. Just how it is.

    And yes to each their own on everything, not just religion.. what is right for me, might now be right for someone else. So whatever

    Use your science to disprove!! You will get farther, create more thought. I love your science!! โœŒ๏ธ

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  5. I still see stereotype here.
    You sit from one person and use it to judge the whole world.
    It’s actually meant to be the universal truth.
    The thing is this, it’s not just yet the universal truth.
    You’ve got to understand something; you’ve only talked about religion, what you and several others in the world know.
    But there’s no such thing as religion I must tell you. Maybe you’ll start a Research on that too.
    I don’t have any further thing to say…
    But I think this is you;
    You sit and hear a lot of things, receive some because it’s a good edge for you to post another thing for believers to look down on themselves.
    Then to those ones that you don’t have any point to argue against it, you keep it to yourself.
    That’s not too fair actually.
    Just thought though.

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    • Yeah. I am diagnosing the whole world and the entire 7.2 billion people seem to accept my diagnoses.
      That makes sense.
      I am handing out new Universal Truths. Need any?


      • Oh!
        I never saw it that way.
        I’ll try to believe it though.
        Because you wouldn’t have been having any oppositions if the entire world’s population is on your lane.
        I’d love to see one.
        Maybe I can ask for more later.๐Ÿ˜ƒ
        I’m just glad your choice of words in your comments are beginning to change.


    • “Then to those ones that you donโ€™t have any point to argue against it, you keep it to yourself.”

      This is where he gets stuck XD


      • That’s just a 1st impression. I might be completely wrong about you. But from what I’ve read so far, you’re very “matter of fact”, & sarcastic like the person you remind me of. So practical that he’d come across as unemotional at times. Practical over being emotional & considerate all the time.

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  6. I had to re-read this. I think this boils down to how you define “truth” and “universal truth”…is it considered a universal truth if ‘it applies to everyone’ or if ‘everyone believes it’ ??? If a group of people chose not to believe in gravity, does that change the fact that it is a universal truth?? Of course not. So my bet is that it is a universal truth if it applies to everyone. (Regardless of where they believe in it or not). So which brings me to God. What proportion of the world believes in God? A huge one of course compared to the atheist portion. Doesn’t this qualify it to be universal truth? Do you actually have to rationalize or believe in something to be universal truth? And if we were to go with the ‘belief’ metric of universal truth, how can you ascertain that God isn’t real or as you call it “Fictional”? What if he is a universal truth that applies to everyone regardless of whether they believe it or not?

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  7. I believe in God but my God doesn’t live in temples or want me to chant. For me it’s hope and a belief that there is some superpower providing me strength. My son is an atheist but believes in humanity and good karma, for me that is more than believing in God’s existence

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  8. There is no long flowing berobed omnipotent being hiding amongst the clouds or a black rock to walk around.there is dirt,soil,growth and timescales we donโ€™t understand.there is the roughness of bark that skins my hand and tells me Iโ€™m alive.

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  9. The word is not Truth. Itโ€™s Faith. When people confuse the two and start preaching the confusion, stupidity spreads.
    I believe humans as a race need certain belief systems to find their inner strength to go through lifeโ€™s hardships. Belief systems differ- To each their own. Family for one, Friends for another, Unseen forceโ€™s presence for some, Luck for some others.
    We need not diss their faith but we can and should question the stupid practices they do and spread in the name of faith.

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  10. This is an interesting post. I really appreciate what you are exploring here, but as you stick a fairly complex math equation and make that fact or proof that something is true. This can only be true to someone who is able to solve the equation. How many โ€œequationsโ€ are out there that you either have not run across yet, or are unable to โ€œsolveโ€? What if you held open the possibility to all sorts of truths that you do not have the knowledge or wisdom (yet?) to recognize or understand? I hope you will continue to explore and please report back and let us know what you find!


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