Sensible to Pray?

Someone asked me if it would be ‘sensible’ to ‘pray’ to our ‘forefathers’ given that past, present and future, all exist simultaneously in the time field.

Interesting question. I admit that. But too naive and average and an oxymoron.

If one really tries putting much of a thought into it, there is no use praying to your forefathers.

You could just spend that much more time calling your future self out loud over and over, hoping them to listen and answer your questions.

If you are ready to accept the fact that past, present and future, all exist simultaneously in the time field, don’t you think it would be a little contradictory for you to be praying to someone to look out for you rather than just knowing what will happen and when?

Moreover, time travel hasn’t come into existence yet. So, how about just trying to work hard in order to be better and have a better life instead of praying for it to someone who doesn’t exist or someone who is separated from you by not miles or light years, but ‘Worlds’?

Doesn’t really make sense. Does it?

Praying is for the weak and stupid. You want to achieve something, you work for it. You learn more than others can even think of. You get so good at what you do that no matter how big of a jerk you are, people always ask for you instead of someone who is pleasing, social, and not a jerk.

Say, you go to a doctor with an undiagnosed and bizarre health problem. Woud you want your doctor to be social, people-pleaser, believer and have no idea about what’s wrong with you, or would you like him to diagnose you and treat you while being a jerk?

Choice is yours!

You can either choose to be so good at your job that people don’t give a crap about your social skills, or you can be a piece of crap or merely average (like others) at what you do and be someone who is good to others, prays to god, believes, etc.

Just know one thing:

When things go South, neither god nor your forefathers will come to rescue you from your sinking ship.

P.S. Prayers and words don’t help. Actions and knowledge does. Knowing things is better than not knowing things.

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  1. Of course… prayer is “useless”, because love is the “useless emotion”.

    When we keep someone in our thoughts, we don’t desire to use or be used. Love isn’t lust, which means that love isn’t about manipulating someone like a puppet. We don’t control someone, or inhibit them, by offering a person safety and protection, through the love that comes with prayer.

    Why would a person say that prayer is “useless”, when that’s the most obvious thing? It’s a waste of breath. Again, prayer has no use, because love has no use. Though, as it turns out, the most useless things actually possesses the most use.

    The seemingly most illogical thing like love, actually holds the greatest amount of logic. Responsibility. That is the logic of love. To be responsible for who you give a damn about, makes up love. Though, I understand that science has no need for human personal responsibility. Because, without human flaws, without human stupidities, there would be no science. There would be no inventions intended to create more conveniences. It is because… when has love ever been about convenience? Love is about necessity. Love is the only thing that has developed any human society. That is because, through love, we find more meaning in life than simple survival.

    In love having no use, it’s the same to say that no person, in their love, would dare to manipulate or betray that loved one. Therefore, prayer is “useless”, because no one, in their love through prayer, would dare to betray who they keep in their thoughts.

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  2. I’m not close enough to certain persons or communities to know how it is to pray to ancestors. But Christians do have the tradition (Catholic Christians do) of the ministry of intervention of the saints who were past people.

    I like the idea of calling to my future self.


  3. Praying to forefathers? That’s really foolish! I don’t think such should be found.
    Forefathers that have life no more shouldn’t be considered an option for communication.
    What I got from my own book is this, when you pray, you’ve got to work too.

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  4. I’m not sure why you think a doctor or any professional can’t work on both furthering their expertise and social skills as well? You can help others AND be kind as well! That has nothing to do with belief or praying to others and/or a god. How you treat and think of others is often a reflection of you and your own insecurities. What do you think calling everyone else dumb says about you? You’re worried others might think the same of you. That’s what the SCIENCE of psychology teaches us. That comes from a deep understanding of the human mind. Nothing to do with any belief in god. Which I don’t believe in either. But I do believe in treating others how we would like to be. Judgement of others extend inwards as well as out. A refusal to try and understand others and call them stupid is easy. That’s why it’s called judgement. That’s what most people do because real thinking is hard. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions all the same. Just sharing some of mine. Thanks for sharing 🙏


    • I don’t like to waste time being kind while someone is dying.
      And I like to treat others the way I want. They can do what they want.
      Insecurity is when you want to be treated with respect, care and love because you think you should be.
      I prefer truth. Also, it’s better if someone walks out on their own feet rather than being taken to the morgue. And in all of that, I neither have to be nice nor kind.
      Because those aren’t proved methods of treatment.

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      • Fair points but I’d counter by saying that saving someone’s life is a kindness no? Why be a doctor? Is it to help others or is to validate your own ego by demonstrating how smart and capable you are? If I’m dying you’re right I need you to get on with the job of saving my life, not tell me it’s going to be ok. But I never said being kind had to mean telling someone how wonderful they are. There’s such a thing as wise compassion. That often means being honest and confronting someone with the truth. Completely agree with you there. But calling someone dumb at the same time will never convince them of that truth. That’s not wise compassion or truth. That’s just a judgment. Judgements help no one. As a pilot the most dangerous captains I fly with are the arrogant ones who assume they’re always right. Not only do they have a hard time listening to what they might need to hear when they make a mistake they put others off side in their own flight deck. This compromises the safety of the flight. As a doctor I’m sure it must be equally important to listen to what your juniors have to say. To listen to their questions. They might just save your ass right? This is why it might help you to be nice when you’re not trying to save someone’s life. It’s not about pandering to someone’s insecurities. It helps you as well!
        Btw I really appreciate the discussion. I’m in no way trying to infer you’re arrogant or of that sort. Just sharing my thoughts based on what you’ve written 🙏


      • For the puzzle. For the curiosity. For the fun of diagnosing something no one else can.
        I don’t like people. I like what is killing them.
        I don’t even like going to the hospital or anywhere else for that matter, until there is something interesting.
        Feel free to infer that I am arrogant because I am.

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      • Haha fair enough. Those seem like very good reasons to be a doctor too. Thanks for conversing. I appreciate being challenged to think differently. 🙏


      • Those are the only good reasons to be anything.
        If all one wants to do is ‘go by the book’, one will live like 7.8 billion other people and die like them too.


      • Another cool thing is, ‘Arrogance is earned’.
        I didn’t become arrogant by being wrong every step of the way.
        I am arrogant because I am right.
        My papers on Covid-19 are a proof of that.


      • Not sure about that. I think arrogance is thinking you’re right when you’re not. It’s thinking you’re better the others when you’re not. It’s thinking in terms of being absolutely correct and not looking at the ways you could be better and improve. I’d say true confidence and self belief is earned through the hard work required to succeed. Arrogance though? I know plenty of arrogant people who most definitely didn’t earn it.


      • I dom’t think I am better than anyone.
        Because after having PhDs at the age of 24, an IQ in the high 170s and proving oneself in almost every field one has tried hands at, I don’t think one has to ‘think’ they are better than most of the population.

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