Thank God

Thanking God is something you do more often than ‘Thanking Facts’.

Every single time something good happens, you hop onto your spaceship; Oh Sorry! That is a science thing. You hop onto your horses and unicorns and start thanking him.

Everything good that happens and you don’t understand, you term it as miracle. Everything bad, you term it as wrath of god.

A child is born Autistic, you accept it by saying, ‘this is god’s choice’. ‘He must be testing us’.

Every time a terminally ill patient gets cured, you say, ‘Thank God’.

If he is the one doing it all, why even bother go to a Doctor?

Sit back and relax. He will cure you. Right?

People say there is God in everyone. If one looks carefully, God is inside every person and always around.

So, say you are healthy. You come to me for a regular check-up. I just decide that I should test how strong you are. So I decide to put you through a round of Radiation. I blow your entire Immune System.

Then, you either die or I save you by finding a perfect 6/6 match bone marrow.

Whatever the case be, you shouldn’t be dragging me to the court.

God is a superior being. Right? He has the authority to test the inferior beings and they can’t drag him to the court.

So, based on intellectual levels, there are superior humans and inferior humans. Based on that, a superior human should have complete authority to test his hypotheses on inferior humans.

Superior humans should be allowed to put inferior humans through a series of life endangering tests.

I promise. I will pick random people. You give a list of 7.2 billion people from across the globe. I’ll close my eyes and roll a dice and choose any random person. Nothing personal!

That should be considered as an act of kindness and generosity. It should be considered as being tested by a higher power with a vision of a bigger purpose.

P.S. For once, just agree with me people. Please!

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  1. I believe doctors are chosen by GOD to treat people. I feel blessed if my patient recovers and thanks God for his recovery. That means my he liked my service so much that he is thanking God for it. This is much better for me instead of thanking me!

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  2. Hmm… well I always want to agree … but ya know – sometimes I don’t ✌️😘

    But you do give thought and you also draw debate – so that’s kinda cool… you get people talking.

    In regards to… Oh my god, or thank god…

    It’s not always referring to the religious factor – just a term. Slang…

    Oh my god is an exclamation variously expressing disbelief, frustration, excitement, or anger. Its abbreviation, OMG, is widely used in digital communication.

    Not always meant religiously.

    And then… the only thing that kinda broke my heart in your post … was the superiority thing. 💔

    Everyone has something to offer… and that superiority thing can be dangerous and hurt people 💔

    You might miss someone amazing. You never know.

    So that’s it. Have a good night.

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  3. Would it be sensible according to you to pray to our forefathers because past and future exist same way present does. They must exist in time field the way we do. Would like to know your point of view.

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  4. I thank my doctors. I think we’re pretty bad at understanding miracles or whatever is God’s will. We have stories for a reference point. In the text, there’s also a ban on testing. Which I’m emphasizing ’cause I’d never want to go through that. I think it would be good to thank science and scientists especially. Life is moved forward thanks to them, and I’m hoping for a treatment for the virus thanks to them.

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