Ever Felt Someone Standing Right Behind You?

Ever been in a dark room alone and had that feeling that there is someone watching over you? Ever heard your name when there was clearly no one around who even knows you? Ever felt the presence of some paranormal beings?

If you have, I hate to break the bubble, it wasn’t anything paranormal. Sorry!

Psychology states that hearing your name when no one is even there to call it out loud is a sign of a healthy mind.

But psychology isn’t science. We can all agree on that. Right?

Scientifically, rather theoretically, it is quite possible that whenever you hear someone calling your name when no one has actually done so, maybe someone in a different reality, a parallel universe, is doing so. And you hear that voice just because the frequencies of those too Universes happen to match or maybe because, that moment is causing a split in your timeline.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just ‘you’ calling ‘you’!

When you feel there is someone with you in your room with no physical being actually present, maybe it’s just a remnant of you who is in the same room in a different Universe, or maybe, is just splitting away from your reality at that exact moment!

For me, accepting the existence of my time remnants, my parallel versions, my past and future selves is more plausible than accepting the existence of ‘Ghosts’!

But then, until I can prove it to you, you are free to believe whatever helps you sleep better at night.

I mean, you could either believe that those activities are scientific, imaginative and creative and you can go to bed fascinated and interested, or you can believe in ‘Ghosts’ and ‘God’ and go to bed scared and afraid, reciting his hymns and never reach that fascination part.

P.S. Multiverse is inevitable and we are living in it!

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  1. Interesting post. I recommend ‘The Third Man Factor’ by John Geiger. It looks at this phenomenon from the viewpoint of people in extreme situations.


      • I guess that’s what the superstitious would call the phenomenon. I’m so totally not superstitious in any way. So much so that I must be on my guard not to be prejudiced about people who hold belief in gods and such-like. I’m told over 90% of humans believe in the supernatural in some form. I may be wrong! Oddly, I acknowledge it’s an act of faith on my part to be in the minority. I simply KNOW such things do not exist. So given that the phenomenon is not ‘imaginary’ and has been reported by reputable people such as Edmund Hillary and Ernest Shackleton, there must be an rational explanation. What interested me in the book was the scientific examination of the conjunction of the human psychology (practitioners of brain science would disagree with you and do call themselves scientists) and physiology that creates the situation. How an individual interprets it comes back to their own world view. As Lewis Carol said ‘Curious and curioser’.


      • I would never say that ‘Neuroscientists’ are not scientists.
        Practitioners are mostly called Neurosurgeons.
        Psychologists aren’t those.
        They have nothing to do with anatomy and science part of it.
        They are behaviourists.


      • The boundaries of which science is what seem to have become so blurred these days. Rather like the multiverse your mention. I do recall many years ago a rather serious young scientist telling me that there were definitely ninety-nine known universes. He went off to work for NASA.
        Some of my most favourite things in the current known universe are bosun particles. A theoretical physicist acquaintance tells me that they are perfectly happy to be in two places at once. No how far apart they are in this infinite universe they are apparently also in the one place. Imagine them also inhabiting the multiverse simultaneously. I find that completely delightful.


  2. Presence of God and ghosts is not the doubtful subject here. It’s all about your fears, what we attract that attracts us too. It’s all about faith who is standing with you, and it’s all upto you what to take it ,, rest all follows accordingly,,,


  3. This hearing someone distinctly calling out my name in a voice that is not my own has happened to me a few times. It’s very unsettling! The feeling of another around me when I am alone happens much more often. I don’t really try to decipher, these sorts of things have been happening to me since I was small. I’ve gotten used to it. The one thing I do know is it’s not my imagination.


  4. Thanks for Posting this Article/….. I had always believed in Multi-verse Theory… HAD Such “Ghostly” ):-p experiences many a times growing up n still have those episodes sometimes …
    I knew there is no ghost but some enregy o wavelength…. discussed them with my teachers n friends … they ridiculed me… I got the answer now/……


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