Ever Felt Your Parallel Existence?

Ever been in a moment and felt like it had already happened? Ever been through a dream sequence and saw that dream unfold exactly in the same order a while later? Ever had a “Deja Vu”?

Well, I suppose most of us have had those experiences. But why does it happen? Ever asked yourself?

No! It is nothing paranormal. I mean, I am a scientist, I won’t tell you that.

These experiences could be theoretically and imaginatively linked to the existence of Multiverse!

A Parallel Universe.

A place where you have already lived that moment. Not you. Your future self.

Theoretically, if we consider the theory of Multiverse, and consider each Universe as a bubble flowing independently across space-time, separated from each other in such a way that no two Universes ever entangle, we can accept the fact that all Universes vibrate at a different frequency.

Now, theoretically, frequencies are sine waves, which keep flowing with each passing moment. It is practically possible for two sine waves to match exactly at some given point for a small part of time.

Almost negligible, if we consider two sound waves of different frequencies on Earth. But on Cosmological levels, not so tiny.

So when that happens, it is theoretically possible that we are able to share the neurological processes with our other self in a Parallel Universe, whose frequency happens to match with ours.

Which is why, not every dream we see becomes a reality and not every moment is a ‘Deja Vu’.

The Universe with our future self isn’t always the one whose frequency matches with ours. Sometimes, it is the one where we took a different decision which in turn led to that moment, and sometimes, it’s something else.

And theoretically, I can also prove scientifically, why you feel the presence of someone in spite of no one being there.

But let’s keep it for later. Or else, this post will never end and you’ll just get bored.

P.S. Imagine and the Universe will be bow before you!

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  1. My parallel twin made a hospital appointment for me once. It was a shocking experience because there were witnesses. And I’m totally a fan of quantum physics, which is why I follow your blog. So glad you brought this up.

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      • Was a freak accident. I had to do a health check for work. And I went to the nurse’s office to ask if I could please change my appointment. She gave me a puzzled look and said the hospital had called her to say that I had called them to ask for a new appointment. I wasn’t available so they called her. We both screamed when we realised I hadn’t actually called the hospital. Another colleague in the office at the time said “oh it’s no big deal. It is your parallel universe twin.”

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      • Whatever it was, it sure was cool!
        Unless it was someone else who imitated to be you on the phone.
        Or if the someone else called the hospital and then hospital screwed up and called back a different individual instead.

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  2. Great read! I’m no scientist, but I’ve often contemplated if universes could technically occupy “the same space” with little to no interaction because they are all vibrating at different frequencies.

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  3. This is something I am fascinated about.. parallel universe…or this multiverse theory …the recent discovery of the neutrino that comes from the core of the earth which suggests time moving backwards and further suggests it travelled from a different universe…a parallel universe where time runs backwards … Now , I am loving this ..I am gonna wait for your next article where u will explain why we feel their is someone even if there is noone… scientifically..I have read few articles about it…letz see which one you put it.or if it’s something new

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  4. Doctor, 2 questions-1)If there are other parallel universes, there is a possibility that the creation of this particular universe is a result of a collision between two other universes?
    2)From what point did the arrow of time started for all this to begin?

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    • As I stated earlier in my post ‘A Brief History of Our Universe’, the Big Bang led to creation of our Universe.
      And in the post ‘Multiverse is Inevitable’, I mentioned how it is a theoretical possibility that there have been a billion Big Bangs, just like ours at different times leading to creation of other Universes.
      Parallel Universe is a 2 dimensional term.
      One, we can consider all the other Universe that came into existence from a Bang.
      Another, we can consider the theory of split realities and timelines.

      As for the arrow of time, it is something that has been for a much longer period.
      Possibly, since the first ever Big Bang or maybe, even before that.

      Will dive into the theory of Arrow of Time soon.

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  5. At certain times, since childhood, I have had the deja-vu experience quite sharply or strongly. I still think of those occasions. The immanence of another universe (or other universes) is an appealing possibility to consider. Thank you for offering it and explaining it (until more next time!).

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  6. Wow! It happens! I totally agree! When Cricket World Cup was going on, I dreamt Sachin Tendulkar’s father expired and it happened the next day. Next, I had a mentor-cum-boss. The night he expired, he came in my dreams and said…you will get a portfolio which would be a shock to all, and that unimaginable thing really happened few months later. Other minor things happen when all of a sudden I realise this has occurred before too. I have more to say, but dont want to bore. In short, it happens 😊👍


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