Just A Question!

If someone isn’t capable of the general idea of ‘Love’, the general perception about how love should be, doesn’t that person deserve love at all?

In the words of that particular person:

Not everyone can be perfect. Not everyone can do everything. The only problem is, I can’t do just the one thing I need the most. Love!

I know I screwed things up. But my brain is what it is. It cannot comprehend emotions on a level others can. I need things to be perfect. I need to make them perfect.

And when I tried to do that, I was blamed of being obsessive and someone who doesn’t deserve shit.

I can take all the blames except for the one where someone tells me I never loved anyone!

I loved just 2 people ever-so-dearly. The only problem was, I could not comprehend the emotions and could certainly not absorb them and reflect them. I am biologically incapable of doing that!

Now, all I am asking is, doesn’t a person like that deserve to be given a chance? Doesn’t he deserve to be loved?

I know love is about emotions. That is rather the most important thing. But sometimes, the best love can happen to you in the most unexpected way, with the most unexpected person.

A chance is all one needs.

But obviously, one can’t build a life on a chance!

Maybe, I don’t have an answer. Do you?

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  1. Deserve isn’t relevant to love, nor is knowledge other than self-knowledge.

    If you’re comfortable in your own skin, then others will be comfortable with you. That’s a key first step, both to enjoyment and to love. That means knowing yourself, making yourself freely open to new experiences, shedding irrelevant “expectations” or “entitlements”. If you are truly comfortable with yourself, you will be open. If you are not comfortable with yourself, you need to understand why and then try to fix that thing so you will be.

    Once you are open, and people can see the real you, you will find yourself engaging with others in a different way. And you will find love when someone sees who you really are and finds what they see to be incredibly attractive. You can’t force that to happen, but as you make yourself more open and the true you more available to more people, it’s just a matter of statistics and time. So relax and let it come to you. It will.

    Love is a natural process, like the virus in many ways. Humans don’t have the ability to control everything in nature. Let it flow, because it will, on its own course, whether you want it to or not.

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  2. Trying to make anything perfect, never works cause perfect is an imaginary scenario. Sometimes taking a step back from the situation helps. Everyone is worthy and deserving of love, but maintaing a stable relationship is hard work, it cannot survive on single emotion called love!

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  3. I believe love is another entity, separate from beings like us, it’s a divine existence that only approaches those who deserve to hold it. If you feel love then follow it and trust it with all your heart. Don’t ever question love. It’s beyond what a boy and a girl feel for each other. Don’t mix feelings of attraction with love. Those who blame haven’t achieved love themselves. And there’s no such thing as giving a chance. If love is there, there exists a bond. If not, then nothing matters.


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