The Parallel Lines

We are like the parallel lines. We can run together till infinity but can never entangle. If one of us stops or gets cut through, we’ll stop being parallel. And we’ll come to an end.

But, what if I cut myself at an angle? What if I tamper a little with my path? What if I run so far and get near a large object and fly by its gravitational field? There is a possibility that I might come back towards you and meet you at a 180 degree angle. What then? Will you continue your path? Or just cut yourself out and run into the oblivion? I want to know.

What if we construct other forms of geometry, the so-called non-Euclidean geometries. For example, we can take the usual points of the plane and attach to them an additional point called “infinity” and consider all lines to also include this additional point. In this context, there is a single “infinity” location where all lines meet. In a geometry like this, all lines intersect at infinity, in addition to any finite point where they might happen to meet. And then, parallel lines would meet too.

I know this is all hypothetical. But what is love? Just a hypothetical notion defined by certain needs, desires and the urge to be with each other. Isn’t it?

My point is, I am ready to construct new geometry. I am ready to do “Whatever it Takes”. I am ready to go beyond imagination and cross that barrier of hypothetical.

But then, it isn’t about me. Not everything can be about me. I know.

The thing is, this, whatever I have done for you, whatever I say to you, whatever I ask you for, it isn’t about me. It never has been.

Everything Is About You!

You will never realize that. I know.

You can give others a million chances. Others get a million chances. I don’t. I never got CHANCES. I got just one.

And that was all you needed to decide if I was worthy enough or not.

P.S. I DO need you. The thing is, You don’t. You want to believe that you need me. The truth is, you never did. You want me. I need you. That is the entire difference. PARALLEL LINES!

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