Are You Safe In Your House?

It is a common belief among primitive minded homosapiens that they are safe and protected from Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus as long as they are in their house.Those people believe that they cannot contract the virus no matter what.

But guess what, Air Flows! Shocked? I understand. All this stupid science stuff wasn’t something you wanted to pay attention to in school. But you know what, you should have!

If only…

Also, you belong to a species that got almost everything and took it for granted and then burnt the spherical (not flat) planet to ashes. You still think you can expect the best?

If you do, then maybe you have been left far behind in the evolution structure.

The thing about air is, it flows. And the thing about viruses; microbes; small, tiny particles, carrying Covid-19 causing Novel Coronavirus is that they are pretty small. Almost 125 nanometres; .125 microns.

And the thing about such small particles is that they tend to have lower weight. They are terribly light. And as elementary science might have tried to make you understand, lighter particles tend to stay in the air for longer periods of time; the amount of time varying according to weather conditions.

Also, you don’t really live in a Hyperbaric Chamber. Particles as small as .125 microns can enter inside your house without knocking on the door. They don’t really need your permission.

I know this might sound all stupid and feel a lit evasive, but it is how it is. Can’t really help it.

If you put your hand in a hole and feel a living body and don’t know what it is, always expect it to be a freaking Godzilla!

That way, you will be attentive and never lower your guard.

For if you do that thinking it might just be a rabbit and then it turns out to be an anaconda, you’ll be torn apart. Best case scenario, You Die! Worst case; Lose a limb or to and so on and so forth.

P.S. You are completely safe in your house. Just like all the celebrities who had the luxury of applying every damn protective measure and still ended up on a hospital bed.

Just because I like to tell people what to do:

Even inside the four walls of your Fort-Knox, wash your hands regularly, use Isopropyl Alcohol, gloves, masks, and try to keep your Fort-Knox as air-tight and clean as is practically possible.

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