Some Things Are Beyond Comprehension

Dharavi in Mumbai is inspiration for world on how to contain Covid-19 spread: Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray

The state which has almost 250,000 cases. The state which is in a pathetic condition. The Chief Minister of that state wants the world to learn how to contain Covid-19 from an area that measure 2 square kilometres. Sure!

Dharavi having less cases could have various reasons. The most prominent one being, the cost of a Covid-19 test!

Dharavi is a Slum area. Those guys don’t really have money lying around under their pillow.

There is no data as to how many people have been tested in Dharavi.

Indian way of testing for Covid-19 is by using an infrared thermometer and asking if the person has any cough or breathing issues, etc.

They are laborers. They live in a slum. Cough and breathing issues is their general state of life.

I really would like to know how a 2 square kilometre area with almost 1.5 million people managed to have almost negligible infections of a disease that is AIRBORNE!

And even if by some astronomical chances it did, why doesn’t the Maharashtra CM learn from that and apply that same model to his entire state before handing out that inspiration to the world?

Just a question! Don’t answer. Not because you won’t be able to (that is one reason though), but because your answer might certainly not be logical.

P.S. Learn before you teach!

And yes, I did learn a lot before writing the stuff that I write. Got doctorates and all!

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  1. Thank you for your cogent comments. I feel more like grieving for the people of Dharavi rather than going for vicarious pride. In South Korea (as I’ve been reading), there was nearly universal acceptance of the mask and all the other measures. And cases went impressively down in number. Now the numbers there are up again; maybe it’s the second wave of infection that is expected (except for those who say the disease is done because we say so). But really is any place exemplary? The disease is awful, and no one should be vain about it. I’m tired of the proclamations in the USA and anywhere else. When statements are offered humbly and with thanksgiving and, you know, with real information based on real science, maybe then I’ll listen.

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