Dear MHA And UGC

This will start and end badly. So people, bear with me!

Dear MHA and UGC, you are dumbfuck idiots! And Dear Government, well, I have ran out of Nouns and Adjectives to define you.

How important are the exams? And forget the exams, some government Universities are even asking their students to come back and complete the entire semester!

For Example, Dr. Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry.

Asking the students to attend classes and appear for exams has a few problems.

Firstly, there is PANDEMIC going on. Yeah, it is a thing. Almost 12.4 million people have been affected, as of now.

Secondly, not all students of a particular University live in a 2 mile radius. Some of them live hundreds of miles away.

So, how do you justify making students travel from one district to another or even better, from one state to another? I know you people can justify everything. I just need to hear that justification!

And most importantly, when did Education become more important than ‘LIFE’?

I know everyone has to die and everyone will die some day or the other, but you don’t have to “KILL” them! As far as I know, that is a punishable offence.

And to save themselves from that offence, Government Universities are asking their students to write an application to allow them to travel to their respective Universities.

Students are being pressurized by the GOVERNMENT Universities.

And before anyone loses their cool, I am not making this up. A registered student of a registered Government University told me this!

Sometimes, I really wish we had a literate Government.

Or maybe, just a sane one for that matter. One that could weigh in the risks and reach a conclusion that #StudentsLivesMatter

There is no use of that Certificate if there is no Certificate holder in the first place!

P.S. Some people look stupid; Some people are STUPID! #NAMO

Sometimes, it is good to accept help from those you despise!

Sukhadeo Thorat

Rahul Gandhi

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  1. This game of chicken that the UGC is playing with the students is literally destroying our mental health- we final year students are now stuck helping each other out of mental breakdowns. It’s our future on the line, and they don’t care if we lose our year or not.


      • I know. I’ve kind of made an estimation that a vast majority of them haven’t seen the insides of an university- while that’s not a bad thing per se, we all have different priorities, but they should have at least thought about those of us in our final year of university who are not only looking at the prospect of higher education and a career, but who also take academics seriously. And they could have waited for a bit, planned everything out and then said something. The constant flipping and flopping is driving us mad.


      • Vast majority of them haven’t even seen the inside of a school. And the bigger problem is, “Arrogance and Ignorance”. They don’t want to listen to those who are capable of theorizing and have proved to be right regarding the flow of virus every step of the way. They want to listen to those who sold tea, made coronil, etc.

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      • A few. What MHA and UGC are doing, under the leadership of the most intellectual Prime Minister India ever had can be directly compared to “Genocide”.

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