Why Comment, When I Can Write An Entire Article!

The Centre ignored manufacturers’ advice to not remove sanitisers and masks from essential commodities list.

I don’t like replying to the comments. Someone with higher Brain function brought up an issue on my last post “Masks And Sanitizers Are A Myth“, citing that the government did this due to over-production, etc. Someone told me that we have huge stocks of masks and sanitisers piled up.

Read this:

In a letter written to the Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA), the Association of Indian Medical Devices Industry (AIMeD) had suggested that in view of the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country, two and three-ply grade face masks should continue to be an essential commodity for at least another six months.

On June 30, AIMeD in its letter written to the government said: “As the unlock process has started in India, masks and sanitizers are more in demand than earlier.”

Now see, I am not saying anything!

It’s just that, the masks aren’t available in my city and the quality of available sanitisers is so pathetic that I am making my own.

Now, either the manufactures are hoarding the masks expecting a pandemic to happen so that they can sell those at higher prices, or maybe, just maybe, the government is stupid.

Whatever the case be, I am still not saying anything.

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  1. Or may be it’s just because they are unaware of requirement in your area, so it would be better if this issue reaches to them and government take serious action against it.


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