Masks And Sanitizers Are A Myth

As the number of Covid-19 cases in India continue to rise and as people continue to die due to lack of medical facilities, Indian government is now gearing up to pull off something beyond imagination.

Masks & hand sanitizers have been thrown out of essential commodities list from July 1.

Because, you know, masks and sanitizers are a myth! They don’t help cure the disease.

What? They help prevent it to some extent? Who cares? Baba Ramdev has an Ayurvedic Medicine for that.

You can’t challenge the power of a medicine derived from the vedas and stuff with something that was made and prescribed using some stupid scientific terms.

You crazy or what?

So now, masks and sanitizers are NOT an essential commodity.

But not wearing a mask is a punishable offence. In some places, you have to go and work at a hospital for a period of 3 days if you are found roaming around without a mask.

But Mask is NOT an essential commodity.

You see the never ending loop here?

In high risk areas, if you have to go out to buy the essential items like dairy, grocery, etc. you can’t go out if you don’t have a mask. And you can’t go out to buy a mask because it’s not an essential item.

Crazy stuff!

P.S. Perks of having a Prime Minister who undertook a three-month ‘Public Relations and Image Management’ Course in the United States.

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  1. I pity this government and people including me! When a chai master with political science degree is appointed as PM to handle a biggest nation India. Then the govt plays a joke and the people are jokers… 😒

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  2. Mask and sanitizers are out of essential list because there is over production of the same. we have huge stock piles. In fact, we have put ban on export of it so this will remain in use for India only. some production capacity needed to be diverted for production of other things which are non essential but needed. but when there is a low of essential items ,producer can not stop production unless that law is changed. So there is a valid reason for doing away with essential act. And factories which are already trained for this can used for production of masks and sanitizers as and when required in future and at a great speed. So please first study why something is done.


  3. If science would say that faith practices are good with practical measures, that would be generous of science, given the current clime. It’s hard to believe the tragically outrageous statements to the nation about not prioritizing masks and sanitizers. There are protests in the USA against the masks, which are dangerously ridiculous. And I’m sorry about the PR course. I’m sure it’s a minority opinion, but PR cannot lead or administer a nation.


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