It Took Them 2 Months!

On the 14th of May, I completed my first extensive research paper on Covid-19 Coronavirus. In the paper, I clearly mentioned how Covid-19 can be transmitted through air. Airborne Transmission!

A few lines from my paper read:

But according to various studies, carried out at various locations, traces of airborne transmission have been found with particles <5μm in diameter.

In a recent extensive research and study, I have found, the presence of microbes within droplet nuclei will vary from region to region and so will its speed of travel and the maximum distance it can travel through air based on atmospheric factors.

The rate of spreading of Covid-19 carrying particles depends on temperature, pressure, humidity, and various other environmental factors.

And taking into consideration, a particle as small as <5μm in diameter, will only be able to stay in the air a little more than it would in a colder weather.

Given that, everyone living north of the equator should expect the number of cases to rise drastically in the coming months.

Assuming that this study holds some credibility, and the number of cases increase as predicted, I can say that there is no proven way to protect oneself.

You can find the entire paper here : Covid-19

Today, people said this:

Coronavirus Is Airborne, Say Scientists, Ask WHO To Revise Rules: Report

I am not saying that I know more than everyone. I am not saying that I know everything. I am not saying that I am the only person with answers.

All I am saying is, I am probably the only person right now who is looking in the right place.

I mean, the place where Novel Coronavirus could have actually originated from. And that place isn’t China!

P.S. Do as Trump, Modi and other leaders tell you to do. I am just an ordinary 24-year old. It’s not like I have 2 PhDs and an IQ that puts me in the selected 1% of the World’s population. Or is it? I don’t know stuff!

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  1. The last couple of days here in NY were hot. Today the weather stated to expect Unhealthy Air Quality. That was new. It was difficult to breathe with the mask on. Do you think COVID will spread during a harsh Summer?


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