Beginning of The End

It’s not about how many people recover after being infected. It was never about that. It will never be.

It is about how many people get infected, and eventually die!

It’s not about you, me, a government, a country or even the world for that matter.

It is about how we handle the situation and ‘WHEN’ we finally understand it.

It is about being able to control those desires of going out and all the irrational decisions we make.

It is about being logical for once!

It is about being scared, afraid, intrigued and being able to question it all.

And it is also about not being arrogantly over-confident by saying things like;

India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Trial “Marks Beginning Of The End”

What if, “The Beginning is The End, and The End is The Beginning”?

Well, many other countries did that too. Did it work? But if, by “Beginning of the End” you mean the literal “END”, then maybe. Quite possible!

I am not trying to undermine anyone. I am not saying that everyone is an idiot and there is no way that we will ever have a vaccine. All I am saying is, don’t celebrate before you win! It’s completely fine to not be able to develop the vaccine for another 2-3 months. Just because the things aren’t going according to your plans, just because you have made some stupid, far-fetched promises to your people, don’t go after the first thing you think could work.

I am telling you this here and now, ‘It Won’t Work’! Because the premise that you are working on, is wrong.

And also, for those who end up recovering, they won’t have a disneyland life anymore. The post Covid symptoms will play a crucial role, resulting in a lot more deaths. And the “Expert Governments” won’t even realize what happened.

Nevertheless, keep hitting in the dark and see which one sticks!

P.S. A part of the journey is The End!

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  1. In essence your article contains some important aspects.You expressed what many thinks. Still I do believe, nobody tries to explain the why. That disappoints me, it does. Many people are afraid now and they express all kind of emotions. We could support a lot if we do 2 things. First explain why and secondly forget the exit strategy and work on the entry strategie.


  2. Another good post.
    I believe most of us are going to get it sooner or later. We need to take due care and precautions but more importantly build our immunity. In our family we don’t believe in vaccinations.
    Life and death are not in our hand. All of us are going to die one day and that day is not in our hands. But living intelligently and with caution without being stressed out is in our hands.


  3. Honestly, this new Vaccine that is supposed to be ready by the 15th of August is another marketing gimmick. Without adequate safety and efficacy studies, and proper trials, the said vaccine is just another “alternative” medicine.

    The country’s Covid-19 response has been based on mambo-jambo and they seem to learn nothing from the blunders. Sadly, I don’t think anyone in the administration is willing to pay heed to scientific advice AND the bigger issue is that the supposed guardians of Medical Research are dancing to their tune, throwing medical research ethics into the dustbin.


      • They’re all idiots without a doubt. Bc of their idiocy they don’t realise how damaging these decisions will be for the reputation of any research going out of India (which already is viewed with some suspicion btw). If they were smart they wouldn’t be putting deadlines on clinical trials and announcing effectiveness of the vaccine even before they’ve started enrolling subjects for Phase 1 Clinical Trials. 🙄


      • Haha… True…

        Should recommend your blog to them. But everything will fly over their heads. Your vocab doesn’t include guamutra, taali, thaali, diya, batti, certain janm bhumi etc. and those other ultra scientific words nor do you reference the Vedas for your advices.. tch tch… how can you be a “doctor”?!


      • If my vocab included those words, all my reserach papers would have been all ove the news channels a d everything.
        Too bad I couldn’t become stupid just in order to get my research acknowledged.

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      • It’s interesting.
        They are ready to kill millions just so they can live with their fictional stories they have concocted in their imbecile brains.
        That’s cool.


      • I just think it’s horrifying.
        Shocked me that we were engaged in PR exercises instead of actually preparing for a pandemic, that we refused to learn from the experiences of the countries that were hard hit before us. 🤦🏻‍♀️

        I had doctors I respect send me forwards of the malaria belt theory and I had to explain to them that correlation does not mean causation… The BCG theory 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️… Told them repeated that India we had fewer cases initially bc we aren’t a globalized country


      • India never had fewer cases.
        India is more like that pigeon who closes its eyes when there is a cat around and actually believes that the cat can’t see him anymore.


      • Also, bc of the lockdown, spread was controlled for a bit but they refused to freaking test 🤦🏻‍♀️. Declared we have very few cases before actually testing and then credited you know who for another master-stroke. I remember an interview where Rahul Kanwal kept forcing an interviewee to say that ours was a success story in Covid control and the guy refused to say that…saying it’s too early to make such declarations… And you could literally see Kanwal’s face fall.

        If we’d tested and isolated during the 1st lockdown, perhaps we could’ve actually flattened the curve… The only country to open up when cases are increasing. And we’re already planning Janmabhoomi events I hear.


      • We could never have flattened the curve.
        If all my theories are right, which they should be, given that my numbers are correct, no one could have done anything.
        The ways of transmission, the origing and pattern of spread had to go this way.


      • Countries have managed not to break the back of their healthcare systems by flattening the curve though. Considering that the idea isn’t to “reduce” the total number of cases per se…. Just to increase the duration of time in which we reach those number of cases… Pretty sure you’re well versed with this concept.

        Considering we generally practice very low levels of hygiene in this country, people don’t cover their mouths while coughing, sneezing, etc… they spit everywhere etc etc… The social distancing and masks are probably, at least marginally reducing the speed of transmission. But of course I might be totally wrong. Haven’t done any work on Covid at all. Have only read what has been published in the medical literature so far.


      • Modern Medical Literature is outdated and stupid.
        Joseph Bell can still beat the shit out of it and them.
        India was bound to reach the extreme (which it hasn’t yet).
        Source of problem?
        The ministers telling people not to worry and people believing that god will save them and it’s just another test.


      • Completely agree with the source of the problem. Complete lack of education regarding the infection, spread of misinformation and I feel to an extent, also the stigma that goes with anything in our country. Even people who understand are reluctant to get tested or self-isolate for the fear that they would test positive or neighbors would get suspicious if they self isolate. When I ask people to wear a mask, they get offended. The other day I had to go and get some essentials and people were crowding without wearing masks… Or wearing them as fashion accessories…. Got so annoyed, told them I’d just come from a shift at the hospital and couldn’t guarantee that I wasn’t a carrier… All of them dispersed from near me. And I was like… If this is what gets them to maintain distance, this is what I’ll do.


      • The idea should be to detect all the cases by testing entire population in the shortest time.
        Even after that, there has to be a long study conducted with several people after having their genetic structure detected.
        After knowing which viral disease history they have, we need people who might be easily exposed to a certain virus out of the 100 dormant ones and then we need to analyse for the mutation in different individuals.

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      • The only issue is, they took 3 months from the day I established the existence of mutation, to reach the stage where they could accept there is something like that. Only China accepted it though.


    • Which is why, no matter how much despise me, I might still be the only person who ‘knows’.
      My research studies were months ahead.
      And also that I have a better functioning brain which is quite an assurance that I do know what I am saying.


      • Haha… Pretty sure a lot of people knew this would happen. All you need is some foresight. But from the looks of it, very few who still have functioning brain left in this country. Sad but true.

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      • Lot of people didn’t know that Nagaland would record its first case on 25th of May.
        Nor did they know that cases and Dadra and Nagar will start increasing from 3rd of June.


      • When the 1st case would appear is, imo, impossible to predict. For that, you’d need to know everyone’s travel and contact history. Someone has to have carried the infection from somewhere.

        About when cases would start in increase… I would think plotting a graph would give an idea based on how steep the curve is, as to when cases will start really increasing….but of course, for that, you have to actually be studying the trends very closely or be involved in the epidemiological study of the ongoing pandemic.


  4. I prefer to live with caution (see my most recent post) = but I have not given up the hope that we will reach the other side of this devastating illness. I’ve given up thinking that my life will revert to February 2020, with life as normal. I read the newspapers, and monitor the news. My entire life is now in the rear view mirror, and for the better.


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