Are You Done With The ‘Optimism’?

As the number of Covid-19 infected people continue to rise ever-so-rapidly, it certainly looks like all the optimism and ignorance didn’t help after all.

Well, if only people could have listened to what a handful of sane people were saying.

Maybe, there is a chance, some of us have already seen what happens. Maybe, some of us have already been through it. Or maybe, some of us can actually do the math and that elusive ‘Science Stuff’.

Believe whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

When the governments and their associate idiots were telling you “There is nothing to worry about”, there were those too, who told you to worry and be scared.

Don’t you think that you should have listened to those few who were scaring you?

Maybe if you did, some of the people who are now a memory, would still have had a physical existence on this planet.

I am not trying to make you contemplate your decisions. You should decide to do whatever you think is right! I am just asking you to question those who question and especially those, who answer without a question!

And when you are done with all the ignorance and optimism, do come back to the basics of life where you actually need to put in some effort to be finally able to find a solution to a problem.

Just because Narendra Modi is the PM somewhere, or Donald Trump is the President somewhere, or just because there is a Pope, or Baba Ramdev; the people asking you to trust them and have faith in some crappy idea of God, and telling you that it is all planned and will vanish one day like it never happened, doesn’t mean you start running around the streets!

Those people and Covid-19 causing Novel Coronavirus are two worlds apart.

It’s like, Leonardo DiCaprio teaching you how to paint the “Mona Lisa”.

P.S. Be optimistic all you want. But optimism doesn’t help fight diseases. Sorry!

Being positive might be the only difference between your result being “Negative” or “Positive”.

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  1. Optimism might be fine for a general attitude. But misplaced optimism is not fine. And fake optimism from a leader who should know better–who might know better–is outrageous. Why tell us not to worry? Because complacency is easier to manipulate.

    Here, we seem to be deciding the spread of the virus is over because we decided. For the sake of going to a pub or shopping at someplace other than the grocery store, many will die. Lunacy. Tragic lunacy.


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