Nepotism – Right or Wrong?

Isn’t that a moral question now? Right or Wrong? What is it?

Should nepotism exist or not?

No matter what you think, or feel, or want, it has existed for centuries and you just can’t get rid of it overnight.

Nepotism exists everywhere. Politics, Film Industry, Institutes, and every other place.

If you know someone, who knows someone in an office or department from where you need to get something done, would you not use that person’s influence? I would!

So, before just going completely crazy over everything, just stop, take a moment, and think!

You people have no problem at all with Nepotism in Politics – something that is important to the nation, but you have every problem in the world with Nepotism in the film industry.

If you think someone got it easy and doesn’t deserve to be where they are, tell yourself to not buy those movie tickets.

It’s not like someone would keep making films with a certain entertainer in spite of the films not bringing in enough money.

It’s a DEMOCRACY people. You can choose to be who you want and do what you want.

But just stop blaming an individual or a group of people every time something goes wrong.

And feel free to raise your voices against Nepotism if you have never even had a thought like, ‘I would have done this if I knew someone in the industry or that department, etc’.

No matter how you reach a certain place, after you reach there, everyone has to work in the same way to stay there.

Sunil Gavaskar’s son didn’t play 200 tests for India. Ramesh Tendulkar’s son did.

Amitabh Bachchan’s son isn’t regarded as the ‘King of Bollywood’. Taj Mohammed Khan’s son is.

I can go on but you get the point. Right?

P.S. Nepotism isn’t wrong. And there is always a ‘Right and a Wrong’. No middle ground!

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  1. This same thought came to my mind around this “Nepotism” buzz. It’s everywhere, not only film industry. I am not supporting it but if we are raising voice, we should raise for every nepotism, not particularly film industry. You rightly said, end of the day it’s survival of the fittest, no matter what. Great post 👍


  2. I suppose an issue is nepotism and talent. If someone is favored for a job simply for being favored, how well (if at all well) is the job being done? I think you raise, or imply, the issue of nepotism and trust. When someone gets a job due to a connection, trust takes a hit with both people. If everything goes extremely well, maybe the trust is rebuilt.

    When I’ve hired people, I’ve hired strangers and felt better for it. But would I hire a relative or friend, considering all situations and possibilities? I think I might.

    I don’t mean to muddy things up. Generally, nepotism is not an issue or reality I receive in a positive way. If I were to say a yea or nay and that be that, I’d say nay.

    Timely subject and question to raise.


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