Why Plasma Therapy Won’t Yield Desired Results

In the search for an effective treatment for COVID-19, an old method of fighting infectious diseases has recently resurfaced: transfusions with convalescent plasma. Plasma is a component of blood.

This method has a simple premise. The blood of people who have recovered from an infection contains antibodies. Antibodies are molecules that have learned to recognize and fight the pathogens, such as viruses, that have caused the disease.

Almost all the countries are hoping that Plasma Therapy will help them fight the Covid-19 pandemic. India isn’t hoping. India is pretty much sure.

The problem with Plasma Therapy is, it would yield results, but not exactly the desired ones.

As I stated earlier, Covid-19 has a tendency to mutate at genetic levels.

Humans have around 100 genes of viruses lying dormant in their bodies.

If an x person gets infected with the Novel Coronavirus and happens to recover, we will still have to make sure what was the criteria of his rcovery.

If, in that person x, the gene affected was A, the plasma taken from such patient for the treatment of person y with gene ‘B’ affected won’t serve any purpose. It would only lead to deterioration in person y’s health.

We just can’t run blindly in hopes of hitting the bullseye.

Unless, there is a better way to prove the hypotheses…

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  1. I suspect, more likely, plasma therapy might save some critically ill and then stop working until we update the plasma being used to match the mutation. It has worked apparently in a few cases (everything seems to have worked in a few cases, except what trump was promoting). However, until we find something consistently better . . . .

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