Bengaluru – The Model City

Bengaluru emerges as Model City in Covid-19 management

The problem is, Indians are too quick to celebrate. They start celebrating before reaching the finish line.

When everyone around was obsessed with New Zealand’s success considering how they were able to manage the breakout, many people were also of the opinion that we should praise Bengaluru for the way they have controlled the pandemic.

Bengaluru should be considered a model and other cities should follow their path.

This kept going on for a while.

While people were saying all of that, no one really took into consideration, the fact that Bengaluru was never Covid free.

The number of cases were less. I agree. But there was never any data to prove that Bengaluru has somehow managed to avoid the pandemic altogether.

And now, here we are.

Bengaluru now has over 3300 cases. 783 of those were recorded yesterday.

So much for being a model city.

See, having less number of Covid-19 cases is nice. But celebrating far too soon just because your city, state or country is not testing enough people and is still going through the denial stage, where the overriding thought is “We are safe. Nothing will ever happen to us”; is not.

Stop being cool about it. Stop being casual about it. And most importantly, stop being proud if your area hasn’t “YET” recorded large number of cases.

P.S. The Rise in Cases in India is Still Not ‘That High’

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  1. Is same here – only no celebrations going on…

    People either don’t care? Or it’s an inconvenience? They don’t think it is as bad as what media tells them? There is talk of conspiracy theories lol and stuff like that

    Yet some areas are getting hit pretty hard and then they relax and think – ok we good now, we can open back up, come back to life 🤨

    To a degree maybe – with caution… but truthfully is not what you see happening… people want life back like normal and I don’t think some know or actually realize the danger in this??

    Cause stop and think… there are people who can be carriers – their symptoms can be silent… that is not everyone but those carrier people can spread that very easily… and those who’s symptoms have not shown yet…

    You don’t know what your chances are and also…

    Think of it this way… if someone passes it to you, and you survive – someone you love might not be so lucky. You are either going to lose your life or you are going to lose a part of your heart

    So important to really listen. At most… you protect yourself… just for now… just while we find something

    I know the feeling, I miss life before virus too. I want to hug all my people … I can’t I don’t want them to get me sick… and just in case – I don’t want to be the one getting them sick either…

    I could not live with that to have made someone else sick and they died?? That would weigh on me soooo heavily!!

    Hopefully people realize a little more and look outside themselves before it’s too late ✌️

    Stay safe ✌️

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  2. Of the metropolis whose funny original name means “city of boiled beans”, it is known above all that it is one of the world leaders of high tech, the so-called Indian Silicon Valley. In addition to the profiles of the skyscrapers, an already unusual vision compared to the more classic subcontinent skylines, the modern capital of Karnataka offers various tourist attractions and some curiosities.

    As a matter of fact, the beans are now set aside and today Bangalore is better and preferably known as the “city of gardens” thanks to the large number of parks and green areas that resist cement despite its constant urban expansion. The local inhabitants tell (and it is incredibly true!) That the municipality has historically renounced building the city’s metropolitan network just to avoid eradicating too many trees from the ground. It is no coincidence or a forgetfulness, therefore, if you breathe better in the center of Bangalore than in Delhi or Mumbai, you can walk in the shade and there is an immense green lung that serves as a meeting place for the elderly, students, families, tourists and loving couples.

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  3. So true..The spike in the number of covid cases is scary here. People are still so casual, I rarely find people wearing masks or maintaining distance. Still find people gathering around all local junctions for small talks. Just hope everyone starts taking precautions seriously.


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