The Rise in Cases in India is Still Not ‘That High’

The rise in cases in India is still not as high as compared to other countries. In the US, there’ve been almost 40,000 cases per day in the last 2 days. Our numbers aren’t that high.

Randeep Guleria, AIIMS director to ANI

Forget the cases, it seems like something or someone ‘is’ certainly high.

You know, it’s funny. When US was recording 20,000-25,000 cases per day and India was recording between 5,000-8,000, Indians were proud and happy and elated. The statement they made then was:

‘Number of cases in India are still not as high as compared to other countries. US has much higher number of cases as compared to india’.

Now, after almost 2 months, when India has started recording 20,000 cases a day, they are still comparing themselves to a country which is in a terrible condition and has been recording high number of cases for over 2 months now.

These people have no regard for science and mathematics.

Never once did they think about the fact that the rate at which the rate of growth of covid-19 cases in India is increasing, in spite of low testing, is scary.

They just want to come out on top. For some stupid reasons.

They will never analyze and pay heed to the fact that the states which were recording a maximum of 300 cases a few days ago, have now started to record over 700 cases per day.

And then there is always the ‘rate of growth scam’ they are running by comparing the daily number of cases to the total and completely ignoring the fact that the total number of cases in a certain place increase with every passing day.

To be more specific, they haven’t been able to undertsand that the total number of cases isn’t a Gravitational Constant that remains the same throughout the Universe.

I don’t know know if the government is stupid, or the orange guy’s distant cousin is an idiot or if every second human on the planet is imbecile. I have no idea.

Though I don’t really believe that every second human is stupid. I think it’s more like 98% of the entire population that experiences a low brain function and lack of logical and reasoning abilities.

Anyway, at the moment, Indians want to live in this fairyland they have created where all is nice and well. I won’t disturb them. I won’t ask anyone to come out of this dreamland.

But when you get tired and feel like everything you experienced was nothing but a lie, I’ll be right here to make you realize how stupid you all were and how right I was.

P.S. If you think you have been right once, don’t be proud. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I have been right more than 2 times. Just saying!

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  1. If anyone is sick, that’s not good. If anyone dies from illness, that’s worse. If this happens many times for the same reason, it’s tragic. What is there to be pleased with, let alone proud about? No much, I’m thinking.

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