Be Who You Are

Not everyone is capable. You can’t expect every single person to be able to do everything in some particular way. Along those same lines, you can’t expect everyone to be able to love.

Some people just aren’t built in that way. Loving someone requires a million things. It isn’t just the words that matter.

It’s the actions. And for some people, it is hard.

It’s not like they don’t know they are wrong. It’s just that they can’t help being the way they are.

Sometimes, I feel people shuold be allowed to be who they are, rather than who they are supposed to be.

Everyone plays a character. Everyone is a different person for different people. One single person can be viewed in a hundred different ways by hundred different people. And it is alright.

What’s not fine is, that one person shouldn’t have to try to be someone just so someone can love him/her. That’s just not ‘okay’.

Not that you can’t do it or it is not possible, but just the fact that there will come a day when that act will come to an end. There will be a moment of breakdown and then, if it is all an act, everything will fall apart.

Unless someone can’t accept you for the way you are, it is all useless.

No one should have to make compromises. No one should have to live with something they aren’t comfortable with. No one should have a life where one continuously keeps contemplating and thinking about the decision they made in the past.

i don’t want you to do that. I don’t want you to hold my hand, choose me over everyone else, and then, spend the rest of your life thinking… “What If! I had said no”.

I don’t want that. I don’t need you to be what I am.

I have been the way I am for all my life. I don’t want you to become a part of me. It just isn’t worth it.

P.S. As much as I say I am fine without you, I’ll never be happy. But then, it shouldn’t worry you!

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  1. Very true words indeed. It is a logic that should be applied universally. Discrimination is not a dirty word. Look it up in the dictionary. It is another of many words which has been hijacked and applied as a misnomer writ large. In a truly FREE society people ARE free; free to like or dislike whatever or whomever they please. It is all well and good that there are laws to prohibit the ACT of discrimination; in terms of housing; in terms of employment; in terms of a host of other things. There is, however, NO law which may mandate under penalty of some state sponsored sanction that a thing or individual MUST be liked. We have descended into a world of thin-skinned babies. These are the people most incapable of love. And you know what? That is OK. Like or love what you want, right? Isn’t that what we are told by the warriors of the sacred woke? They are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.


  2. Interesting article. I too believe you can only be who you are at the time and not everyone will like or love you. That said I believe love is a choice you make. Real love to me is about choosing to be kind, care for others and learn to accept and love yourself just as you are at this present time. I don’t believe love is about feelings as feelings can deceive us. Real love I think is caring even when others dont. It’s never easy to really love. At least that’s what I’ve found.


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