Apparently, I Was Wrong

Until today, I was of the opinion that people were just stupid.

The pandemic made me realize, people are stupid, shallow, irresponsible, immature and a million other things that go with being an idiot.

When the Novel Coronavirus break-out started, every single government, health agency, doctor, scientist… all of them were on their toes. It was when the number of cases were almost negligible.

Now, when the virus is starting to reach its peak, people are treating it as a normal part of their daily lives. I don’t really understand how, but they are.

Blaming others, giving and believing stupid-ass theories, making idiotic assumptions, boycotting and burning products, reopening non-essential places like malls and temples, mosques, etc., and making some really worrying and terrifying claims like the rapid development of ‘A Vaccine’.

None of it is helping. But people are still doing it.

Let me ask you question. While taking a test, do you try to answer the question or just keep contemplating over why, what or who asked the question, or what made them come up with an idea to ask such a question in the first place?

For me, I usually try to find a solution to the question. I have data that shows that my way has been proved to be more efficient in being able to solve a problem.

Also, if you study History or Literature, do you sign up for an exam that requires mathematical or technical skills?

To be more precise, do you, after spending a year trying to perfect your History, go out and open a medical clinic?

I would like to believe that you don’t. Because if you do, many people are going to get screwed really bad.

So, unless you can give a theory with data to back it and stand by it on your own, don’t.

Don’t listen to the news. Don’t read posts on facebook, instagram and whatsapp and think you know it all.
99.99% of those posts are cooked up by the admins of pages, groups, etc. who, apparently weren’t good at academics, as a result of which they are doing what they are doing.

And I am also not asking you to trust my theory. Blindly!

Never trust anything or anyone.

Always reason!

Don’t be more stupid than you already are.

Or, are you more stupid than I think you are?

Guess we’ll never know.

P.S. Sometimes, even the best of us can make mistakes. And you people really want to trust the data coming out of news channels, hypocrite governments, social media and some ‘stupid scientists’?

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  1. Nice. It’s like I have now given up saying, “a blood serum test is the only positive way to diagnose covid19”. It seems the only definite thing which would be exchanged by the swab test is DNA as many of the swab tests are not administered properly to begin with then have a 30% false negative rate if they are collected correctly. The blood serum tests have been available, at £269 a pop, from private doctors since Jan 2020.

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    • Even if the tests were more reliable, people in California here in the US have to pay $1,200 for a nose swab, not even a blood test :/ a doctor posted that if you test positive, to test again because the chances of a false positive are a lot higher compared to other tests


  2. I definitely agree with this post. Political parties need to stop acknowledging and not acknowledging the existence of a virus. It’s real regardless of what we do. Viruses hijack the same biological machinery in everyone, they don’t really discriminate as people/politicians do 😦


  3. Love this:

    “To be more precise, do you, after spending a year trying to perfect your History, go out and open a medical clinic?

    I would like to believe that you don’t. Because if you do, many people are going to get screwed really bad.”


  4. I agree. I am still self quarantined I am practicing social distancing all while the idiots of the world run around sickening everyone. I blame the leaders. They showed a lackadaisical attitude from the beginning which has carried over to the mindset of the cult followers. Let me tell you, I am so pissed. I am pissed because I am following the advise of the medical professionals, while the idiots roam the streets. Had everyone followed the guidelines then I could be living my life, I could go on dates. But no! Here I am alone waiting. The problem also is that people quote the constitution, our rights, look this is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!! Your basic rights are put on hold until this thing is contained. How stupid can people be?


  5. I’ve been reading news today about the global situation with the virus: ten million cases, 500 thousand deaths. And in the USA, 125 deaths. A big part of that bigger number. And yet we’re trying to act as if the virus and the illness are happening to someone else. And complaining bitterly and aggressively because we should still wear masks. Your comments about intelligence certainly are sound. But how about some common sense? Children are probably asking their parents why the family isn’t wearing masks and keeping distance. And now younger ones (here) and their numbers are spiking with infections. Maybe we should listen to our young ones if they are asking, and I think they are (or want to be). Or, you know, care about them.


  6. Excellent post, my friend. We have to stay mentally strong and not let the media hoopla and the irresponsible actions of others get the best of us. It’s good to connect with you and thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie II.


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