The True Nature of Time

When Time Breaks Down

As an atom races past you at high speed, you would see all its internal bits ticking slower, just like the photon clock.

In an atom, that ticking corresponds to interactions between its component particles and fields, in which the internal parts exchange energy, momentum and other properties.

Interactions which hold the atom together.

The rate of these interactions, this ticking, represents the rate at which atom will change from one arrangement, one state, to the next. The rate at which an atom evolves.

In a fast moving object, the interactions driving this evolution appear to happen more slowly. Time passes more slowly.

Move fast enough and time barely passes at all.

So, the confinement of light speed particles gives matter mass.

In fact, this confinement, this bundling of energetic moving parts, is what makes it matter.

But now it looks like this same binding of light speed particles can also give matter time.

Atoms feel time in their evolution similar to our own perception of the changing patterns in our brain.

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  1. That atoms feel or are aware at all is extraordinary. Makes sense on an instinctual level, since many things that are not us must nonetheless behave regarding things such as nourishment, growth, reproduction, avoiding collision, being safe in other ways. But I’ve attributed this awareness to organisms from whole beings to cells. That it happens on an atomic level seems reasonable the way you explain it. There are so many things to be aware of in and around oneself, no matter what state (of self). I also hadn’t considered the relationship between time, velocity, and matter as you explain it. I’d thought that things were either energy or matter. Now I appreciate a confluence and maybe an interchange of the two along with time.

    However I am bungling a response, I can say this. Wow! And thank you.


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