Not Every Brain Works The Same

It is a perception built by highly populated, average intellect humans that all the humans have a certain level of intellect and certain thought process that no one can go beyond.

These average intellect humans think that the people with higher intellect fake being not able to process and comprehend human emotions.

That is not true!

Higher IQ leads to lower Emotional Quotient. A person with an IQ beyond 170 will never be able to have a life like those who have an average IQ. Though there are always a few exceptions.

And IQs up until 150 aren’t really considered to be eccentric.

Beyond 150, rather 160, a person tends to become more eccentric, logical and emotionless.

Not emotionless in a way that they don’t feel the emotions but in a way that those people cannot process those emotions and don’t know how to react.

And That Is Normal.

It is completely fine to not be able to process emotions. Emotions mostly screw things up.

The important thing is, people around them find it strange, and start blaming them for not feeling anything.

Those people want the higher intellects to act more like the average ones and don’t ever want to understand what it is like being with that level of IQ.

Higher intellect has its pros and cons. Like everything else.

To People with IQs up until 150:

The ones beyond 170 cannot be like you. Stop trying to see them the way you see an average human. Stop trying to make them feel those emotions overnight. It takes years! You just can’t take a logical brain and turn it into an irrational one within 12 hours. That’s just not possible.

P.S. Can you cure an Autistic person overnight?

Categories: Psychology, science

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  1. You’re right about that 🙂 Very well written! I Just made me acknowledge myself and my emotions.. were you thinking about going on a long journey with me and then we will probably get together and do some more stuff with you too , little thing 😉 I kinda answered your question about “curing you”.. No! 🤔 Why would I wanna remove you from my life? 😉🧙🏻‍♂️✨


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