The Only Politician Who Did What He Said

Politics is a weird… ‘thing’. No politician stands by what he says. They say stuff and as as soon as they get elected, they tend to forget it.

North Koreans! Yes. Election is a thing.

But don’t stress yourself over it. You aren’t really missing out on anything great. At least you can blame someone for screwing you up (in private, quietly).

So, about the Politicians. They say a lot of things they don’t mean and a make a lot of promises they don’t keep.

In the entire history, there have been just a few leaders who have actually done few of the things they said they would do.

One such person is the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra modi.

He once said that he would lead the country in a way it has never been done before. He stated that he will change the entire face of the nation. He set out to make history.

And now, even when the world is going through a pandemic, he is continuously and rigorously working on doing just that.

Following is just a tiny example of his efforts:

In a first, diesel costlier than petrol in Delhi after 18 hikes in a row

A leader who does what he says.

What more can a Nation ask for!

P.S. Dear World, this is the epitome of leadership. Watch and Learn! This man is Edison of Politics.

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  1. And my president is Cyril Ramaphosa… The way I am not into politics and presidency, I don’t even know what he promised and what he has done so far 🤣🤭
    But I do believe that he is doing all he can to keep the country “alive” during this pandemic


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