Theoretical Human Extinction

For a long time now, around 10 months to be more specific, temperatures in the Arctic have been rising one-twentieth to one-tenth of a degree on average.

Normally, this won’t mean anything harmful. But given the rate at which the ice layer is melting and factoring it into the equation of the rising temperatures, it can mean a lot more.

The Arctic has had those ice layers for centuries. Under such conditions, methane tends to form in large quantities. When that methane starts to burn, temperatures start rising at about the same rate that they currently are and ice starts to melt.

Plausibility of a catastrophic release of methane due to thawing Arctic permafrost has escalated.

Now, if it is what I believe it is, and if we don’t do anything to control it, it could lead to an extinction level event.

Theoretically, it would take hardly 24 months for the methane to get dissolved into the air all across the globe.

People can argue that the release could take centuries or even longer based on theories they have studied, but the theoretical data that is displaying itself currently tells a different story altogether.

The methane hasn’t yet started leaking into the atmosphere though. But the chances of it happening have increased more than ever.

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  1. Did I read that in Vladivostok the temperature rose to more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit? As an exception, that’s impressive. As a trend it is alarming. I was watching a study of paleontologists finding remains of mammoths or Mastodons beneath the disappearing permafrost. And while they were enthused, they also noted the danger in the exposure of the land beneath releasing methane.

    I’m not sure how all this can be reasonably politicized, when it’s observation only. Though I suppose reason or the lack thereof is pertinent.


  2. What is that caused by? Is it the factories?

    How do you fix that? Or stop that?

    I seriously ask because I would like to know. I believe that could happen.


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