To Science: I Am Ashamed

The virus has occurred from the upper atmosphere due to the inter-planetary force variation, a new alignment in which the Earth has created a conducive atmosphere. For the first neutrons (with no charge in nature), are coming out of most fission energy from the sun, said Krishna adding, They may have started nucleating (nucleus formation) with foreign absorbing material which could be a nucleus of the biomolecule, Bio-nuclear interaction taken place in the upper atmosphere. The mutation of the biomolecular structure (protein) might have been a possible source of this virus.

We do not have to panic as this is a natural process happening in the planetary configuration. The sunlight and solar eclipse will be its natural remedy for this virus.

This is what a Chennai-based scientist, Dr KL Sundar Krishna (Nuclear and Earth Scientist) said while explaining the most stupid connection between the solar eclipse and Covid-19 coronavirus.

I have two doctorates in science and a genius level IQ. This theory is heads and toes beyond my understanding.

Now, as much as I have a problem with this mindless behaviour, thought-process and the completely baseless theory this scientist put forward, I have a bigger problem with the people who considered it worthy enough to be shared with the world saying:

Chennai-based scientist claims connection between Covid-19 and solar eclipse

And then we talk about growth and evolution.

Our media doesn’t want to. Our people don’t wish to evolve and put their brains to use.

Millions of people believed this bullshit.

To People: You are dumb.

To Media: It is high time now. Find a place, dig a grave and just bury yourselves.

To Science: I am sorry. I am ashamed of such people. I truly am.

To the so-called scientists: Please! Please don’t ruin the integrity and dignity of science. If you want to talk shit, just go and find a place in the parliament, a religious community, a conspiracy house or something. Just go away!

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  1. I had to read the quote twice… because I couldn’t believe a scientist would say something like this. It’s so much like some mindless WhatsApp messages. Amazed at the stupidity.


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