I Told You So

Centre lifts ban on hydroxychloroquine

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) on Thursday lifted the export ban on hydroxychloroquine API and its formulations.

“This comes after a WHO scientist said that it has been proven doesn’t work in stopping deaths among people hospitalized with the new coronavirus. The US FDA also revoked its emergency use after concluding that they may not be effective to cure the virus infections,” News18 reported.


It just took around 2 months for people to understand that.

Hydroxychloroquine would still be beneficial in certain parts of the world, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. but that too, only if it is consumed before one is infected by the Covid-19 causing Novel Coronavirus.

After one is infected, it would serve no purpose.

I will give a detailed study regarding the VACCINES required to ultimately be able to fight the Novel Coronavirus to some extent in the future.

Till then, don’t believe all the news you get about the development of vaccines.

P.S. Expectations Hurt!

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  1. Its interesting, at one way i dont know anything about nano technology and in the other way “is it really possible to pass it trough a needle and if so, wheres the power source to manage it?” – lets see what will cone 🤔


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