Don’t Be A Mental Health Expert!

In the recent turn of events, I have witnessed a huge growth in the number of Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

Yes, Psychologist and Psychiatrist are two different people. Just so you know which one you want to introduce yourself as.

Being under lockdown has had affects on people’s mental health. I know. For some, things have been worse. I agree. Some are feeling suicidal. I get it.

I understand all of that. But while I say that you should talk to your friends and family, I would also like to lay emphasis on the fact that they are not professionals.

Don’t just start talking to anyone who is willing to.

At the moment, there are probably over 1.2 billion mental health experts out there. But out of those, how many are actually what they claim to be? Almost none!

Don’t get yourself diagnosed by a friend who studied Arts, Commerce or is an engineer, or anything else.

Talk to them. Let them know how you feel. But don’t let them diagnose your condition. Don’t let them tell you that you are suffering from ‘Depression’.

You aren’t. Not everyone is depressed. YOU ARE JUST LONELY!

And to those Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists who just graduated from the top-notch Universities after an Indian Actor, Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide, please, don’t act like you know everything about mental health. You don’t!

If you want to be an expert, you need to read, learn and understand a heck lot of things.

P.S. While trying to act like you know everything about Mental Health, please don’t end up making someone’s situation worse!

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  1. Good thoughts. I do agree. I’ve met and known too many people that make sweeping generalizations about a persons mental health. Categorizing groups of people as one thing or another. Quite disturbing. Thanks for the perspective.

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    • Sound advise to be certain.

      Additionally, there are those whose diagnosed mental illness are being exacerbated by the isolation brought about by this pandemic.

      A number of people can suffer with comorbity: depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

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  2. Thanks! Ive talked a lot about these and last years I keep self-diagnosing because i was heavily hypochondriac. Im diagnosed by the way ^^ and I understand things a lot :))) but i dont give such advice but ears and some sharing of what self-care habits that worked for me :))

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