China and Covid-19

China and Covid-19 both start with the letter ‘C’. I mean, how uncanny is that!

Really! The chances of the name of a virus and a country starting with the same letter are absolutely astronomical

(Pithovirus – Pakistan, Influenza(A,B,C) – India, Uukuniemi virus – USA or if you consider it as America, then AIDS)
These are just a few from the top of my head.

But then, if you go with the actual name of the virus that CAUSES the disease called Covid-19, there are chances that New Zealand made it. (Novel Coronavirus)

If you see, New Zealand is the least affected country in the world with only 1506 (+1) people infected and 22 deaths.

And Japan also hasn’t recorded too many cases. Just 17,628.

What if New Zealand and Japan worked together and made the Novel Coronavirus?

What if other less affected countries like Libya, Uruguay, etc. had a hand in development of Novel Coronavirus and then they let it free in China and infected them?

Possible. Right?

Maybe someone is trying to frame China.

China has less number of cases – China developed the virus.

Japan and New Zealand have less number of cases – they become model countries.

Hypocrisy much?

P.S. I am sure New Zealand MADE the Novel Coronavirus alone or in collaboration with Japan!

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