Government Of India vs Narendra Modi

The title seems too contradictory. Doesn’t it? Some of you might think how a person can go against himself. Well, “Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai” (With Modi, Everything is Possible).

A few weeks ago, PM Modi gave a motto, “Go Vocal For Local“. A movement directed at asking people to encourage local businesses and industries. The idea was mainly to boycott Chinese products and services.

And then, this happened:

STEC bags Rs 1,126 cr UG Package 4 of Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor

For those who don’t know, STEC stands for Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. And sadly, it is not exactly a Delhi-based company. Unless of course, if India occupied half of China overnight and merged Shanghai into Delhi.

I agree that other companies quoted higher prices, but isn’t that what the Genius man asked 137 crore people to bear when he went all guns blazing asking people to “Go Vocal For Local“?

He wants the middle-class and lower-middle class to bear higher costs of daily-use items like soap dispensers, and a million other things, but his government cannot shell out an extra 44 crores in order to give the contract to L&T instead of STEC.

But they can spend hundreds of crores to set up advertising screens and hoardings across the states to campaign for upcoming elections and celebrate ‘1 year of Modi 2.0’.

Talk about Hypocrisy! This is the epitome of it.

P.S. 2.0 undertook a 3-month image management and public relations course in the United States, I have been told. Only thing bumming me is, ‘WHEN’?! Or maybe two things, ‘WHEN’ and ‘HOW’?

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  1. This is so true. Although, they are claiming that a new tender might pass or a new probe set on the project but can’t be believed. We can’t expect from govt rather we should take small steps from our own.

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      • No. Not at all, no. I think it is a great idea to pay 4 times the cost for daily use items for middle and lower middle class even if the government finds it hard to shell out an extra 44 crores.

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      • It’s high time for us now to promote the local market and manufacturers and nation’s own industry. If we can boycott the britishers back in 1920s when we didn’t even have an economy, I hope we could leave a greater dent to Chinese economy through our market this time.
        But the government is too blind to see.


  2. I beg to differ here. Though i totally agree with the fact that STEC should not have obtained the tender, in tenders we have for years practiced the L1 system where the person with the lowest bid qualifies for the tender and am sorry you cant bypass this as then the company can go legal against the person who published the tender. Then the same set of people would have cried scam. So it is not against his own words but the existing laws which needs to be changed.

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    • Well, for years, rather centuries, people have chosen to buy things that support their pockets instead of some motto.
      You can’t ask to change one without the other!


      • Moreover, if you aren’t someone who is curious about the world, I would like to tell you that L1 system has been under CVC’s scrutiny since October 2019.
        Niti Aayog, FICCI, etc. have also questioned L1 system.
        Also, a country can choose to ignore the lowest bidder on any grounds they deem fit, which in this case, could have been any, ranging from, Vocal Local, Border tensions, etc.


      • But what we are forgetting is in month of November we did not have any of the above said situations. So i do not see why it should have been scrapped.


      • I am sorry. I didn’t know the tender was passed in November itself. I was of the opinion that the government cleared the tender around a week ago.


      • As per what i read it was invited in November itself and only the commercials were opened recently. So as far as i have understood the terms of tenders L1 needs to be called first.


      • So when you said all that about logical thinking, it wasn’t really based on facts. Was it?
        And, there is a difference between inviting bids and actually passing the tender in favor of a certain bidder.


      • As per what the truth is, it was cleared a week ago which the government had all the right not to, especially in favor of a Chinese company.
        As per the law, written in the books, there are at least 2 ways this could have been prevented if the government wanted.


      • The Tender was cleared but it was opened way back and as far as my experience goes with the tenders, the Chinese company can put a case as you can only change the lowest bidder if they do not fulfill the clauses which was framed and that was not the case here.


      • You should update your legal understanding of global tenders that are invited by the government.
        It really helps on the logical front.


      • Sure will do. Anyways it is enlightening these discussions are as the motive is best for the nation. Thank You for helping out clear few of the confusions…


  3. Vocal for local..Hmm…What about banning imports and of course from China too! Obviously not. It’s all for the whatsapp forwards and keeping the public engaged with the slogans boycott China. Reality is totally different. Politicians and the hypocrisy go hand in hand

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  4. While inviting bids, there is always a condition that the bid can be rejected for any reason whatsoever. And in this case, what would be more convincing reason for rejection?

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  5. I believe in the global community and a global economy. But in my country (USA), we have cut our throats or stomped on our own feet (or whatever the metaphor) in not supporting local industries, be they field, town, state, or national. This led to the ruin of manufacturing in the ’60s and ’70s, and the attitude and practice of refusing to favor our own people and endeavors continue to be ruinous. There are projects in the world we can all do together and unique contributions each country can make. But if a nation is wrecked from viability–especially when it wrecks itself–then there is nothing to be done beyond because there is nothing happening at home.

    All of which is to say I understand your review of your own nation’s situation. And I agree.

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