Is India’s Recovering Rate A Sham?

For a few days now, India has been reporting insane number of recovered cases on a daily basis.

To a person like me, it seems strange. Also, given the fact that Indian government had issued a guideline stating that no test shall be conducted on the admitted patient if he/she shows a few signs of recovery.

So, going by that, it means that they could still be infected with fewer symptoms, courtesy: medicines.

If India keeps going forward with this kind of attitude, it might seem to serve better today, but a month or two down the line, it will come back to haunt 137 crore odd people.

For instance, it is suspected that almost 1 in every 4 people in Delhi is already infected. The total amounts to a staggering 7.5 million.

Now, that being suspected, government doesn’t want to test people. They want to see what happens. They want to open the entire state, possibly with hopes that each and every single person should get infected by the end of next month.

That is a good thought. Everyone should have what a few do. Equality! That is nice.

This is the first time I have written something about Covid-19 with no proper evidence or theory. But I would like to take my chances on this one.

Given the fact that almost all my numbers, patterns, theories and calculations have been proved right until now, I think it might be safe enough to roll a dice on this one.

P.S. The world governments are in pieces. They need someone to put the pieces together. Black Widow! Where are you?

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  1. In the USA, we suffer from the same exaggeration. The disease itself should be enough. But the numbers are too high or low, depending on what the administration wants to make up in boasting about itself. We can only hope that real people being (really) helped and that the truth will out.


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