India Leads Initiative At UN To Counter Misinformation

India, with 12 nations, leads initiative at UN to counter misinformation on Covid-19.

India, along with 12 other countries, has led an initiative here aimed at spreading fact-based content to counter misinformation on the coronavirus, with over 130 nations endorsing the global call to fight the “infodemic” relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time.

India, the country which develops a new vaccine everyday; the country whose Prime Minister and Home Minister are busy preparing for elections in various states; the country whose Health Minister tells the people that rate of infections has decreased; the country which is still not ready to accept that community transmissions have begun; the country where Prime Minister’s Relief Fund which people deposited a hell lot of money into was removed from the list of subjects under the RTI (Right to Information) so that people couldn’t ask where the money was used; the country where a general, non-covid patient is put into the same ward with Covid-19 infected patients; the country where a state records over 2000 covid-19 deaths and reports just around 1000… that country is leading the initiative at UN to counter misinformation on Covid-19.

That’s like a thief telling the world “You should not steal”.

Such an amazing masterplan.

Keep doing shit and start fighting against it so that no one questions you. Amazing!

And if India really wants to fight that, well… it won’t turn out to be great.

India would have to shutdown The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indiatimes, etc. in order to actually counter misinformation.

The same will be the case with many other countries.

And then the UN will have to remove USA from the list of countries, or at least the orange guy and all the slices of oranges he has spread all over.

P.S. World Is A Funny Place.

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  1. I am not surprised, I am not disappointed.I am grateful for the awareness.I am happy and thank you for your efforts.Knowledge is power.We can hopefully move forward from here one day.

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  2. We have issues here too 😞

    We have protests going on during this whole virus which in some areas is surging … we opening back up- I’ve “heard” even if a second surge comes – they won’t shut us down again. 😮 why you ask? Because of the almighty dollar 🤨

    Money is more important than lives evidently 🤨

    And then – November is coming 🤨 our elections 🤨
    I am not looking forward to that… ugh – it’s gonna be a circus 🎪… how they gonna do voting and we have to choose Trump or Biden

    Oh god!! So um yeah… funny world 🤨

    You almost wanna say … move over, just let me do it lol ✌️

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  3. ” India have to shut down times of India, Hindustan times, indiatimes.. Ets to counter misinformation.”
    I would love to know that which media house tells the unbiased news. Certainly not the godi media and I would laugh out loud if the name pops up for NDTV, the wire, quint.

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