And We Have A Vaccine!

The medicine was made after carefully studying religious texts such as the Vedas. The formulas derived from these texts were implemented using ayurvedic ingredients to make the cure.

Acharya Balkrishna

So people, there is no need to worry anymore. Ramdev’s Patanjali has found a vaccine and has already run human trials. 1000 people have already recovered.

This is so good. I mean, how stupid we scientists are. We have been working like idiots without reading or learning the Godly texts.

The vaccine was always there. We imbeciles weren’t able to see the bloody vaccine that kept staring right into our damn faces.

To all those 429,067 people who succumbed to death due to the virus till now, “We are sorry”.

Only if we had listened to people like Baba Ramdev!

P.S. Now people can safely roam around the clean, hygienic streets again without a trace of worry.

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