Transmission In The Community But No Community Transmission!

This is what the Delhi Health Minister said.

I read it hours ago but I am still working on understanding it.

Indian Government, under the dictatorship of “Mitron”, has become so ignorant, stupid and blind towards the facts, that they are choosing to believe what feels good rather than what is!

And Delhi Government under the ‘some kind of ship’ of an engineer has no bloody idea about what they are saying.

I don’t know if they are even listening to what they are saying.

India is in a rabbit hole. Condition of Delhi is horrendous. And so is the case with many other states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, etc. but governments and people are bahving as if nothing has happened.

P.S. India to Covid-19 Coronavirus: ” Infect one idiot, two more shall take his/her place”.

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4 replies

  1. If that quotation is meant to be taken seriously, well, there’s no way. There is no syntax there. If the purpose by the quoter is obfuscation, then this person is on to something, tragically.


  2. The decision should be taken carefully with the proper guidance from the experts in the field. But due to some uneducated unqualified people at the top decisions are taken as they feel. If the government had taken proper steps then it would have been a different case. Just like in kerala they took decisions based on the advices from the experts in the field


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