Why Is Corruption Bad?

Corruption is bad! Right? But why? Isn’t that the first thing we are taught? Isn’t that what defines our life in mostly every way?

People who believe in God have no right to stand against corruption or bribery!

Don’t you people go into the temples, mosques, etc. and offer your God something in exchange for something you want? I believe that is bribery. Isn’t it?

Don’t you people promise your god that you will do some particular thing in some particular way if he takes care of something for you? That is bribery.

You people are bribing a non-existent being who has no authority over anything.

How can you comment against those who bribe actual living people in order to get something done? You can’t!

I mean, you people teach your children to donate money to the temples, etc. because then god will be happy and will reward them. You are teaching your children to be CORRUPT!

The most religious people grow up to be the most corrupt ones.

The man with a prominent Tilak (a colored mark worn by Hindus on the forehead) who is usually found roaming around with great authority in the Indian Parliament.

The men who have claimed to be great worshipers of Ram. And many more.

Seems like the religious books teach Corruption and Bribery too. Or maybe the people preaching those books do. But someone does for sure. Who? Figure it out people. Have fun!

P.S. Start negotiating with your respective gods so that they can bless me with a better vision and make me capable of seeing the ultimate truth. Start Bribing People!

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  1. I hurd Harrison Ford bribed the directors of his first movie to lie about his age so he can become an acting God. Well he did. So bribery pays of in the long run as long as you have a really good plan what to do afterwards. Then it’s not bribery. It’s just a side-investment in a better future. So I guess it’s not always wrong. As long as you bribe the right director. Of your life🙂


  2. Corruption why is it bad?.Corruption is a fraudulent activities of the people in high position and power to steal,dishonest, defame,deceive and bribe their ways all through.Check out all the countries that have corrupt leaders no peace,protest all the time,hate,injustice,lack of leadership.No law and order,total anarchy.
    The truth, trust , compassion,competent, caring and accountability are relegated to the background.
    Then alternative truth becomes the order of the day.Small lies that you tell as a young adult is not corruption even though it is bad.Most people do that and that is not corruption.


  3. God is a belief, no matter if you give him offerings or not but, he always blesses for good deeds and punishes for misdeeds. While you believe in him or not is a different thing. You can’t say the offerings as a bribe because you give it as a donation for the poor or for development of the worship places or as a small gift for the priests or sweets and all as prasad, as far as I believe and what is socially valid. If you don’t donate in worship places who will pay to the workers and priests.
    If you want to oppose, go against that temple authority who collect huge amounts of donation for their own purposes on the name of social work.
    The bribe is something which you pay to make your works done against certain rules and regulations or something which is demanded by dishonest officers or service givers, blindly in the greed of money. Corruption exists because we do it for our needs. If each and everyone becomes honest, it will soon vanish from society.
    A bribe is materialistic, we should not tarnish the spiritual values.

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  4. “Don’t you people go into the temples, mosques, etc. and offer your God something in exchange for something you want? I believe that is bribery. Isn’t it”
    By this logic exchanging money for a gallon of milk is bribery. Honestly my friend, this lack of critical thinking of shameful. If you have a case against religion try at least to form a good argument.
    “I mean, you people teach your children to donate money to the temples, etc. because then god will be happy and will reward them. You are teaching your children to be CORRUPT!”
    Actually in various churches they give lots of their income the poor and charities. And you’d be hard pressed to find a church where there isn’t a soup kitchen or food drive offered for the impoverished in the area. Have there been some churches/temples who have exploited their parishioners greedily? Absolutely. But as a whole, these people aren’t doing what they are for any reward. They want to help their fellow man. They want to serve something greater then themselves. Day in and day out commited religious folk serve human kind solely out of the generosity of their hearts while you sit behind your computer screen and criticize them for their zeal. How brave of you, oh how heroic! Sorry if you feel that their selfless service to human kind is corrupt or bribery.
    “The most religious people grow up to be the most corrupt ones.”
    Boy howdy, you know its gonna be an entertaining read when you see that! Yeah, there have have been corrupt religious folks. Yes, there have been men who have used their Creed to further their agendas. But think of how many more religious men that have affected more positive change to the world, men like Martin Luther King, Bp. Fulton Sheen, Louis Pasteur, Gregory the Great, ect. The list goes on and on. The truth is, you sir benefit every day from from the sacrifices and hard work of those who did believe.
    I would like to recommend that you stay in your lane sir. This particular subject clearly isn’t your strong suite.
    God Love You


  5. Well everyone has their own opinions on things … religion is a tough one because it’s so sensitive. We all have our own beliefs

    I don’t ever pray for my own personal gain… I do pray that I can have strength… and yes I do pull that strength from myself… it’s just sometimes the thought of that little extra comfort in a terrifying moment can maybe help?

    I am not totally sure what exactly I believe? But does it really matter?

    The thing that makes the world so incredible – is that many are not the same… I love learning about all kinds of cultures and religions… just because they are not like me doesn’t mean I am not fascinated by different opinions or beliefs.

    I am sorry if you were hurt or feel the world is corrupted by someone or people who are religious… I was too… so I can understand that.

    I just never want to miss out on someone amazing just because they are different than me? In whatever way?

    I like when people have the freedom to believe and say whatever they want to or don’t want to.

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  6. It’s deeply interesting to me that the religious corruption cited here is largely, to me, indeed a corruption of religious traditions themselves, and by the most visible/vocal religious adherents themselves. This is what gave rise to Nietzsche’s announcement that, “God is dead.” And it is the corrupt God-following zealots who killed God—who corrupted the wisdom on which the greatest traditions were built. [continued at https://feelwithneil.com/2020/06/12/a-response-to-religious-bribery-corruption/


    • Please stop talking about corruption. God is corrupt, he created beauty,then he turned around and create ugly, he created some to die early and some to die late. He created som leaders to abuse everyone ,steal,hate,encourage murder and get away with it.And Pastors and some Priests to exploit in all its ramifications.I feel sick each time I see corruption. We are all corrupt.Thank you.


  7. I disagree. Prayer is supposed to be communication with God. God is not to be looked at as a genie. God provides the direction in life. That is why “Thy will be done…” is quoted in prayer so much.


  8. Maybe you have to define “bribery” for me because I am very lost… God does things for us, whether we “bribe” Him or not! So you’re saying people who doesn’t have money or goods don’t get anything from God?


  9. I really enjoyed reading this. Such a fresh perspective and it’s truth on so many levels. Thanks for thinking critically and giving me some food for thought 🙌


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