The Problem With The World!

India better positioned in fight against Covid-19 but no space for complacency.

Harsh Vardhan

This is the kind of confidence I need. Rather, this is the kind of confidence most people with better functioning brains need.

This Dr. has no damn idea about what a crappy condition India is in and how bad it will be in the next 3 weeks. Somehow, according to these imbeciles, India is in a better position in its fight against Covid-19.

India is recording merely 10,000 cases a day inspite of a low testing rate. Indian economy is well planned. All the guidelines and steps taken by the government were well thought of. They planned ahead before implementing any rule and regulation.

Though a few people died while going back to their states, a few died because the hospitals didn’t take them in, a few died because they weren’t diagnosed, a few died because of the lack of ventilators, PPE kits, etc. but all in all, India is better positioned in its fight against Covid-19.

So what if there are no up-to-the-mark medical facilities? So what if there are no better equipments and lesser number of beds in those hospitals? So what if the lockdown was a complete failure? So what if the government has been changing the rules and regulations every other day just because it isn’t working? So what if the private hospitals are demanding hundreds of thousands of rupees just for admitting a Covid-19 patient?

This is all a part of the plan. A plan devised by the greatest minds in the history of mankind.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, according to whom India started recovering a month ago, and the guy who can make the plane fall off the radar by flying it into the clouds!

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    • No Government is ready or prepared for this pandemic. The best of the best governments are finding it hard to fight this virus. Govt is just trying and testing rules which can help the country, but it is back firing. Thanks to health care workers India has such a good recovery rate. In the end it comes down to people to stop its spread and maintain distance.

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  1. At least the government is trying ways or methods to manage the outbreak.they are trying to eliminate what is not working…N it’s a collective approach..


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