I Am Not Against Reopening!

With the entire world under lockdown of some sort, Economies have been affected and the world governments are in pieces. I know it is important to save the economy and all. The only thing I want to know is, at what cost?

Except for a selected few people, others are still ignorant of the fact that they can get infected. And apart from a few countries, others have no regard for cleanliness.

Yesterday I saw a video which showed how the auto-rickshaws have attached soap and water containers on the outside and people have to wash their hands before entering the vehicle.

They wash their hands and let all the dirty water run down the road. That helps!

You want to reopen the country. Good. You should. But you need a bloody plan to do that. You can’t just let the people go out and walk around and do all the crazy dirty shit they used to do.

I think people are forgetting the consequences of letting water loaded with bacterias and viruses run down the streets. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION!

But I don’t blame the people. I mean, they are stupid. What else can you expect from those who are so highly mentally challenged that those who can’t differentiate between fact and fiction have been allowed to sit at the helm of everything!

And then I saw this in the morning.

I am not against reopening. I am just against the idiots being allowed to go out by the idiots sitting in the parliament.

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  1. In the next 2 days, we will be in the top 4, and who knows the next 2 slots may be ours by the end of June, given the non-sensical attitude of our people. What will face shields and sanitizers do?


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