India Is On The Verge Of Exploding!

With Covid-19 cases increasing at a rapid rate, India should now start preparing for an Explosion!

The governments have done their bit. People have followed every single guideline down to the last atom. Lockdown has helped in ways beyond comprehension. What more could a citizen ask for! Right?

Well, not exactly. India is the only country which implemented lockdown when the number of cases were below 500 with some undue amounts of confidence of eradicating it altogether. It kind of didn’t work out as they wished.

And then the number of cases started increasing with every passing day and India made the most expected move; they lifted the bloody lockdown. And then they garnished that out-of-the-world genius idea with the plan to reopen the religious places. Because, God will fight the pandemic. Right!

And the education boards want the students to appear for the exams. Sure. Because, come what may, Exams will decide your future. Unless you are dead. In that case, well… we all know what happens when you are dead.

Nothingness! Pitch black, glistening dark Nothingness. Beautiful!

I have never seen a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi. And I don’t wish to see one either.

The man is filled with Universe sized confidence. He said:

Coronavirus may be invisible but our corona warriors are invincible.



And just an hour after the display of PM’s hulk sized confidence:

Scientist at Indian Council of Medical Research tests positive for coronavirus; building being sanitized.

Moral of The Story:

Confidence and Courage will help you fight the pandemic.

P.S. When India will finally start to reach its peak some time by the end of the first quarter, next year, India will start recording anywhere between 250,000 to 500,000 cases each day!

Mark my Words.

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  1. Entrance exams for pg of Aiims, Pgi, and jthe. er were postponed when there are far fewer cases and now they are conducting them when cases are over 2 lAkhs and increasing exponentially, there are some law passed in Maharashtra, where doctors and interns etc were asked to give reason why they get infected from covid, as if they themselves want too

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  2. Sooo sorry to hear that ☹️ … I believe we are going to be in the same dangerous boat with the protests we have here in America ☹️ it worries me.

    In general, some wear masks and some do not, some heed warnings – others do not

    People will be people… we have to protect our own selves instead of leaving it up to anyone else.

    Life is going to happen regardless… but how you conduct yourself can possibly save your life under these conditions especially!!!

    In these times, we worry about our health, and then you also have survival and the economy and life itself… it’s hard!! Definitely life’s testing moments!!

    Stay aware, be careful and most of all stay safe ✌️

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  3. Well I feel the government prepared us for do’s n don’ts regarding the Covina-19 virus. Now it’s on upto us what to follow.. Government may open religious places but whether we should go out or not is totally our choice.. Lockdown was a temporary solution to prepare for the worst.. It can’t be a permanent solution to handle the deadly outbreak..

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  4. Gosh I hadn’t gathered what was happening with you. We had some of that bluster in UK too. Introduced lockdown too late and seem to be relaxing it too early. Bit like you PM started out with a ‘we’re British we can beat it attitude’ and caught it himself.

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  5. Unfortunately people have not participated well either in lockdown or not following guidelines for unlockdown by not wearing masks etc. Government is clueless now. So we are all together in this mess partly created by us too.

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  6. I’m so sorry the lockdown was lifted early. Here, we’re trying it now; and I have grave doubts about it working. Our nations have got two stupid so-called heads of state. Here, science is constantly, publicly countermanded. And superlative things are said about the state of things, which are not true. There really is an attitude being stoked up with wrongheaded rhetoric that we can return to where we were and do all of our traditional things, again and now. Most public schools here are moving very slowly, thank goodness. But universities are going rather crazy.

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  7. It’s unfortunate that most often not everyone is compliant, so that put others in jeopardy. Plus the government bureaucracy. But let us hope that there will be no explosion. Man proposes but God disposes.

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