Justice For George Floyd? Why?

What happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 25th of May was wrong in every sense of the word.

But what followed, hasn’t been a perfect model of justice either.

I won’t comment on what happened. Everyone knows that. But I sure would like to talk about what didn’t!

When that ghastly act was being committed, what were rest of the people doing? What were the people doing when acts of violence were being committed against the people of color for years before May 25, 2020? Why do people always raise their voices and protest against something only after it crosses a certain limit?

What are we? The Avengers? As Tony Stark said;

But that’s what we do, right? Our best work after the fact? We’re the Avengers? Not the Pre-vengers, right?

But the problem here is, we don’t even have the righteous man on our side.

So what do we do? Lose every single time and then fight back after all is gone? Can’t do that. There is no Iron-Man, Thor, or the Hulk coming to save the day. We’ll lose over and over again. And we won’t even be together. Never!

Gotta stop being the Avengers.

We need to take a stand when something uncalled for is happening. Not after it has happened!

Didn’t you people go to school or something? In the first or second year of school they usually teach you;

Don’t cry over spilt milk.

You didn’t hear that? Didn’t understand? What went wrong? Low brain function?

Stop protesting whenever something like this happens. Stop destroying your respective countries.

Stop being an Avenger until you can’t be the Captain or the Iron-Man!

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  1. Life is pleasant. Life should be enjoyed in your own little way to the fullest.What gives you joy might not give me joy.I might get my satisfaction from a cup of coffee.Yes so be it,don’t take it away from me. Because when you are gone,you are gone no return.
    Dead should be natural and not man made.
    May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace. AMEN.

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  2. what you see now in the streets is a confluence of virtue signallers and opportunists. People react because media fuels a narrative. They allow themselves to be herded into a corral of ideas that are permissible. It’s just one more example of political correctness run amok. The story is set that the issue most concerning is that it was a black man and a white cop. It’s another case like “it’s for the children”: designed as an unassailable position. The real issue is that we are a nation smothered in laws and as a result we have too many cops, many of whom are not suited to collect trash much less carry a badge and a gun. We are ALL victimized by this. Police departments regularly neglect real crimes while out writing citations to extort money from people who’s only crimes are against the state, not against their fellow citizens. The problem is not the individual officers. There are bad ones, but there are good ones too. The problem is with the people who run law enforcement. When you see films of police in the south during the 60s releasing the dogs, turning on the fire hoses….they were only enforcing LAWS that were enacted by duly elected leaders. Were they more guilty if they enjoyed doing it? That is a moot point. The problem is the law. Law has been perverted into an instrument of abuse


  3. This post would make sense if you take into account that Amerikkka is a slave nation that saw people as property and that the nation state is inherently violent colonizing people around the world and oppressing it’s own citizens. America looted the land from the native Americans and looted black people of their own livelihood for free work. This is an ahistorical comment. America doesn’t represent the people it represents wealthy white people. The more violence they inflict the less likely peaceful revolution. Will happen. Ppl need change now and they’re putting guns to our head. Poverty increasing, wars for oil, rich getting richer, poor getting poorer, white supremacists rising and trying to take power. A riot is the language of the unheard. Solidarity with all oppressed people but this isn’t spilt milk.


    • Looting in a system that overglorifies property over people is a legitamate form of protesg. Jeff Bezos looted the economy and the government bailed out the bankers Wall Street and are letting the people starve. We have depression level unemployment and they’re making us think we are crazy. No we learned looting from the rich it’s their fault not ours.


  4. The rulers of America is reaping what it showed it did this. First it screwed over the world and now Americans are waking up to how bad it is. This is a system of corruption. Until they stop doing this we will make them stop ourselves. If other countries can’t stop America its own citizens will. This can not continue.


  5. “We need to take a stand when something uncalled for is happening.” I agree so very much on this point. As the old saying goes, an “ounce of prevention” in the moment, is worth “a pound of cure” after the fact. However, after the fact, some cure might be better than no cure. Sometimes in the moment it’s a fight or flight or freeze reaction, out of fear, which can be rooted in very long histories of oppression. It’s good when we are discussing it in zones like these, rather than killing one another in the streets. I love that you have clear opinions and allow a platform for discussing them here. Thanks also for your support of other blogs. Means a lot. 🙏💛


  6. African-Americans were hoping for the best and were often denied. Nobody wanted civil unrest. The powers that be made sure the majority never had the same opportunities in life. This can lead to crimes just to survive. All of this goes way beyond George Floyd. Injustice is still injustice at the end of the day. African-Americans have been standing up for themselves, so I am deeply confused by what you are saying.

    Every time they get up they are mutilated and murdered. All is apparently legal. LEGAL. Why did they wait? Really?


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