We Should Open The Schools First!

Opening the schools and colleges should be our first priority.

France recorded 70 new coronavirus cases in schools, a week after it let more than 1 million kids go back to class.

Now, isn’t that amazing? Someone should have warned them against opening the schools so soon.

Following the same footsteps, countries like India want to re-open the schools and colleges too. Isn’t that a highly intellectual decision?

Of course, it is. These are intelligent governments. Rather, genius governments.

We should re-open the schools and colleges before we can make sure if it is safe to re-open places like the parliament, etc. because, the people sitting in the parliaments are far more important than the children in the schools.

To all the governments around the world,

“If you want to trade lives, feel free to trade yours”!

And why is it so important to re-open the schools? Your education systems are mucked up. And children who want to study, will study. And those who don’t want to… well, it’s not like the schools will make them Nikola Tesla!

All it will do is give the children stories that they will tell 30 years down the line about how they used to study even when the world was going through a Pandemic!

Just let the kids be well and alive. I have been told it is better that way.

And if we just have to test how intense the virus is, I suggest all the politicians should lead from the front. The theory of Greater Good dictates,

‘People who will be more important in the future should be given preference over those who would probably be dead in the same amount of time’.

So, all the Presidents and the Prime Ministers, seems like it is about damn time that you start leading your respective countries from the front!

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  1. Well said. Children are not contributing to the economy as of now. At least they should not be made a way of testing this deadly virus. They are the future. They should be protected at any cost.

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  2. Our children are our future Presidents, Parliamentarians and leaders.If it is not safe to return to school.They should wait until it is safe. We have to make sure that they are 100% secured .


  3. You nailed this one. Even here in Botswana, Africa, students sitting for their final examinations this year have just opened 3 days ago, but parliament is still closed! Universities are opening next week.

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  4. Can’t agree more. We had so much time in hand to prepare ourselves to face this pandemic. Yet, here we are, with absolutely no clue how to tackle this situation. The cases have crossed 2 lakhs and now they want to reopen schools, coz ya, the safety of young generation, who is our future, doesn’t matter. But the safety of 60+ year old power hungry oldies matter the most!

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  5. Leaders leading from the front would make sense, however, in chess the pawns go first and that’s how we common people are viewed. We and our children are the expendables. I truly believe only in God’s Kingdom will we see anything different (Psalms 37:10,11). I pray change happens soon or we will never be able to go back to our normal lives.


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