Are You Suffering From Depression?

How many of you feel depressed? How many of you think you are suffering from depression? How many of you believe that your mental state has been compromised? And finally, how many of you are actually going through “Depression”?

The last question didn’t seem right. Did it? Well, that was the only question I planned to ask. The others were nothing but just a build up.

In this age of modern technology with all the information in the world at one’s fingertips, it has become so easy for everyone to Google any medical condition they want. And then magically, some of those idiots end up having those diseases!

These days, when I look around, I see kids suffering from depression. Teenagers! They claim to be going through depression.

Kid, what you have is called anxiety, NOT depression! I mean, what exactly happened to you that you ended up directly at the 4th stage of Grief?

You aren’t depressed! You are sad, petty and self-destructive.

If ‘depressed’ is a synonym for sad, unhappy, etc. it doesn’t mean every time a girl or a boy says no to you, you end up telling the world you are going through depression!

People, stop searching for diseases and self-diagnosing yourself when you are not capable of doing it.

People feel sad about something; Depression! They don’t feel like doing something; Depression! They are lazy; Depression! They don’t want to get up; Depression!

Really? You don’t want to get your shit straight and you blame it all on Science? You claim that the Medical Science ruined you? Seriously?!

People, get the hell up and do what you are supposed to!

Almost 95% of the people who claim to be depressed, aren’t! It is just a way to get through life without doing stuff, blaming it all on DEPRESSION!

Do you even have an idea about what Depression actually is? Do you even know the types of Depression? Do you know which one you are going through? Do you?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insights. I agree. For many, feeling sad does not necessarily lead to Depression; it is just sadness. The key comes when that sadness does not go away and sticks around like an endless abyss, and you can not snap out of it.

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  2. Continuing to be sad can either be dysthymia or a choice, a way of life.
    Some people just get used to the attention they get by being sad or displaying the feeling of being depressed, while they are actually not.

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  3. Oh! man, go read some human psychology and consider the treatment they receive from the mental care institute. I have schizophrenia and borderline disorder. which was eventually due to chronic depression, have you witnessed death in your life when the loved ones disappear all of a sudden? every year I’ve faced death and suicide of close ones in a series of five years. Go do some research
    and Develop some humility.

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  4. well said … the usage of word depression has become so common that people take it lightly just to describe their sadness. it has become that common that you hear one in your circle saying they are depressed. but the instances that lead to real depression have increased a lot now a days, due to lifestyle changes. so one can’t say that its just sadness among people not depression. but the misinterpretation of depression or the lack of its seriousness is a issue that need to be concerned.

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  5. Clinical depression is totally different from depression. You might need to speak with your doctor to a evaluate you,refer and make recommendations.That you are unhappy today might not mean depression. Sometimes I feel sad when I am disappointed and things didn’t go my way.But I am not clinically depressed .Because I know that my anger will disappear before I realize it.If you are having poor appetit or eating too much,feel like dying ,not interested in anything, so miserable, sleeps all the time. Feel free to talk with your health care provider. Let them know what you are going through.


  6. Straight and to the point. I also think Big Pharma has a hand in this and that people are easily over-diagnosed and given scripts for anti-anxiety and anti-depressants when they are simply feeling basic emotions of life. Sadly, we and tech have created a generation of non-compassionate, and yes, lazy individuals.


  7. yes I understand the difference between PMS and depression, but sometimes maybe people don’t know how to open up or there is more than what they are saying. alot of times the things I say come out as passive agressive like i’m a child, when there is a long story behind it. but i agree depression has become a “fad” like goths are representing suicide as “cool” which is innacurate and false that leads others to think lying about things to get their way is ok. So i get you must have had a client who just does not want to help themselves and won’t let anyone help or does not have a problem. i’m wondering about why people develop depression when things currently are good in their life but things have been terrible before i know that’s PTSD but it seems so strange to be living a good life where you see things in the wrong light. i guess that’s why I’ll be going back to school to study. Have a free or cheaper version of the DSM-5? It’s too expensive but I am like a nerd and just want to look at all these people and understand WHY! Check out my blog if you can 🙂


  8. Thanks for sharing. This is very interesting……What have helped my family and friends is knowing that Jehovah God is near to those that are broken at heart; and those who are crushed in spirit he saves”


  9. I’ve read some of tiyr posts and am a bit confused. Are you actually a psychologist? Some of this content feels dismissive versus consultative. I understand the difference between depression as a state of mind and Depression, the chemical brain disorder that millions of people do suffer. I’ve lived with both anxiety and depression, plus ADD (a realization, not a diagnosis) that comes from inconsistent brain chemistry. At the same time, I’ve built many successful emotional strategies and overcome depressive habits that generate negative or adverse states of mind. I’m just curious what your blog hopes to accomplish for people.


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