What If It Was All Planned?

What if it is all planned? What if all of it has a purpose? What if the Covid-19 coronavirus, the cyclones, the hurricanes, Ebola, reduced EMF, and everything else is all being controlled by someone? What if…?

And before some of you let your horses loose… No! I am not talking about your dearest god thing.

I am talking about the Alien thing.

And please, don’t bloody compare an alien to your god telling me, “It is possible that what you consider an Alien is God himself”. No! Don’t do that shit.

Anyway… coming back to the ‘What If’!

What if we are all living in a simulation created by advanced beings, living somewhere in the Universe who belong to a Type 3 civilization? ( Most probably in the Giant Void )

What if everything is not as we see it? Or what if, everything is exactly as we see it and we came so close to finding out what it actually is, that they pushed the button and started threatening our existence?

When you imagine life at cosmic levels, we are nothing more than an ant. Not an Ant-Man. Just an ant!

The higher civilizations live in an 11 dimensional space-time. It’s like “Ant and the boot“.

What if it is what we imagine it is? ( Some of us with broad spectrum minds do )

Maybe we are still not ready to meet our creators, the Type-3 civilians. Or maybe, we served our purpose and evolved a bit too much, too early. Or maybe, we came so close that they started feeling threatened.

Or maybe, they just do all of it every once in a while to make sure if we are worthy of what we are given. To make sure, who should remain, and who shouldn’t. To see how we deal with problems beyond our comprehension.

P.S. I don’t really think it is because we evolved too much, too early. I mean, look at 95% of us. There are people who believe in god. People who fight over religions, race, gender and everything else that they can fight over.

And by saying all of this, I am not discarding my theory on the origin and spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

I stand by every word I wrote in my paper!

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  1. An interesting inquiry into the cause of many misfortunes plaguing us today. An inquiry i sometimes made myself. What if we live in a simulation created by advanced civilizations? It’s fascinating (and scary) to think that just as we humans have managed to create sophisticated computer games with characters who have no idea they’re in a game, perhaps we too are the creations of an advanced race?

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  2. This ‘simulation’ on earth, together with all misinformation and questions about our existence lead to one thing -> Distraction of the actual

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      • What if it was originated by man as a retribution?.I will encourage you to continue with your theories and analysis. But if was created by any nation to reduce the population exploitation. Or it was alien intervention on our planet. Whatever it is has consumed so many lives and it is beyond our imagination. This alien that came from other planet. Wherever it came from is no longer my concern. May major concern is when is he leaving ?.We are so tired.


  3. I love ‘what ifs’. I accept many of your statements and think your questions are good. However, if there was alien intervention on our planet, I’d like to think they’d be a bit more intelligent about it. Also to what would their motive be? I do think aliens visit us from other places but whether they have any affect on our planet is not something I believe.

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  4. I don’t think this is a God-plague as many do. I think this is something we somehow caused. Maybe it is an unexpected consequence, which would fit into your theory of the source and my early thought that it had something to do with water. Cause and effect is a certainty. The time between cause and effect allows us to forget cause and not to connect the effect. Maybe we will find out in our life times. Dr. Steven Greer may be interesting to you if you like the alien angle.

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  5. I have more of a picture of “God” as a spoiled child. We are just last years toys on Christmas morning: he/she/it is bored with us. But I tend to be a bit of a cynic. Good read 🙂


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