The Covid Cess

We’ve decided to levy additional excise duty & assessed fee in lieu of COVID Cess on liquor with effect from 1 June. These would range from Rs 2 to Rs 50 depending on type& size of the item. The amount collected will be utilised for COVID-19 related expenditure.

Punjab CM Capt.

And you just want us to trust you? Like we trusted the Honorable PM with all the bloody money put into PM Cares Fund which we later realized was actually, “PM Care” Fund?!

Sure. Why not? Take all the money in the name of saving economy and fighting the pandemic and fill your damn pockets just like you people have been doing for the past 72 years. And you have all the right to do that. It’s not like the people who voted you into power deserve anything more than being forgotten.

Punjab is not untouched by the lockdown scam. Besides the multi-crore liquor smuggling scam, there are also allegations that the PPE kits and N-95 masks which were given to the doctors in Ludhiana and Amritsar hospitals were sub-standard.

The doctors of Amritsar Government Medical College and Ludhiana Civil Hospital staff had refused to wear the PPE kits saying the quality of the kits provided to them has been compromised.

These are just a few allegations against your government Captain! And you want us to trust you ‘just like that’?

Sure. Of course. Thousands surely will. That is how you came into power in the first place.

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  1. I send love and light. Your heart has touched my heart and therefore I can say, “I feel you,” since things seem the same everywhere. I don’t think the people win with whoever gets voted in. The winners who get voted in all seem to have become like teenagers who discover quite late that parents actually count on their obedience and can’t stop them from their dangerous persuits. Leaders cannot be forced to behave or become good or admirable when safe and wealthy are their only desires. Best wishes.


  2. Again, not “like” the situation but like you’re getting the word out. I’m sorry for taxes and corruption (with tax money) and even more so learning about doctors who can’t use the equipment given them because it is unsafe. And, yes, these problems are rife; no one seems immune. But keep talking, please. We need to know what’s happening, especially with and for each other.

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