Home Automation

When we talk about Internet of Things, one thing that dominates every other need is, the desire to automate our homes.

At some point, everyone wishes to have that option to turn the lights on and off without having to get out of the bed. I wanted that eversince I was 7. I used to read about how Bill Gates had a completely automated home. I thought it might be too difficult to pull off and hell costly. But as the years passed and I learnt about how it’s done, I found it out, it was neither hard nor costly.

All of it depends on how passionate you are about it. If you can put time into learning new possibilities and designing your own models, you can automate an entire home for far less than a $100.

There are multiple options for one to automate their home. You can use the cheap way that requires you to spend more time on it or you can use the pricey way which is more like a plug and play thing.

If you use the latter, you’ll have far less variations and you won’t be able to do much of the stuff you’d want to do once you have acquired the taste of automation.

If you work on it from scratch, using 8051 micro-controllers or raspberry pi, it will be a much more efficient and elaborated system of home automation compared to very basic one, which you can set up using NodeMCU or Arduino or ESP8266 boards.

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  1. Have you tried yet? What motivated your interest in home 🏡 automation? I am apprehensive 😬, because I don’t know enough about such technology. Perhaps, one ☝️ day.


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