I’ll Wait For You

You are the only person I have ever loved in ways beyond comprehension. I always imagined to have a love of Gods; a love like the one in books; the one we have heard stories of. I have always wanted that. I know it’s not realistic or easy to pull off anything like that, but I promise you, I always wanted to.

Now, I assure you, I will work harder on myself. I will be a better person. I will love you beyond eternity and I really don’t want you to love me. Not even in the darkest of my times. I don’t want you to make me feel that you care for me or love me or worry about me (I know you do but you don’t have to tell me).

It is your life and you should be free to choose whatever you want and do what makes you happy. I know there are more important things than love and more important people than me. I know that. And there sure as hell are much more better people than me.

I promise you this; I will wait for you. I will wait a lifetime for you. Even if you never come, I will still wait ever so fondly for you to come and hold my hand.

I don’t want anything else. I just want to wait for you and have a story of love which will be taught and narrated for centuries to come.

P.S. I’ll Always Wait For You!

Categories: love

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  1. One has to be good enough to love in a great way on any given day. Eternity shouldn’t be touched in words or thoughts.

    What does it mean ‘in a great way’? Attempt not to give many words to your feeling before you feel that.


  2. Ah, the great love – that which is mocked in the hearts of those who fail to feel – but lives on solid and solitary in all touched souls.

    Something quite haunting and beautiful in this. Thanks.

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  3. Such a beautiful narrative, I can read this and certainly find it so applicable – but then like a favorite love song, a country ballad, a jazz sol, it does speak to what everyone sometime does believe, wish upon, imagine.

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