Because Who Cares About The Bloody Guidelines!

A person asked the following question in a group:

Does anyone know if we come to Punjab from Delhi by road in a car, do we need to follow 14 days quarantine in government camps?

And one of the many intellectual and helpful replies was:

Translation: “Ma’am, try to come early in the morning. There won’t be any officials to ask questions and you’ll be fine”.

This is the mindset of the people. I really don’t understand how they feel quarantine is some sort of a punishment or something. Instead of advising someone not to travel if it’s not urgent, people are advising others how to sneak into the other states. Beautiful!

This approach will take us a long long way and will help India overcome the fear of being infected within the next 2 months.

(There won’t be anyone left to be infected)

P.S. Keep going people. Let’s all end up in hospitals. And then Shawarma after.

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