Definition of Stupidity

Hardeep Singh Puri (Union Minister, ministry of Civil Aviation) – The most apt definition of Stupidity.

A few days ago, he said,

“Why are we making a fuss over quarantine? Positive cases won’t be boarding and there can be asymptomatic people. The quarantine issue will be dealt with in a pragmatic manner. We can’t have 14 days quarantine… it is not practical”.

Well, Mr. Puri, nobody cares if it is practical for you or not. It is the DIRE NEED OF THE HOUR!

And how do you justify letting asymptomatic people board flights?

Today this happened:

IndiGo says some asymptomatic passengers have tested positive

“Few asymptomatic passengers who traveled on IndiGo flights were tested positive for COVID-19 on 2 May. Of these, 3 passengers were onboard from Delhi to Jammu on 26 May, six passengers onboard from Bengaluru to Coimbatore on 27 May 27 and 2 passengers onboard from Delhi to Coimbatore on 27 May 27,” IndiGo said in a statement on Thursday.

Mr. Puri, we have been making a fuss over quarantine because it is bloody necessary.

I can’t comprehend how someone in his/her right mind cannot understand that simple fact!

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  1. Never been to India… know nothing about it… but hasn’t India become a strong economic power? Who created that? I mean I’m for seeing way more than economics but just wondering.

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  2. In South Africa we are not amused with lockdown although much good has emerged at the same time. I do love your passion, though. Keep looking forward. This too shall become history. If we survive we will tell stories into our 90’s about the year a virus stopped the world.


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