“Religion Isn’t Stupid”, They Say!

Srinivasa Siddhar from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, buried himself neck-deep in mud and surrounded himself with fire with hopes of putting a stop to the global health crisis.  

People often tell me, “Religion isn’t stupid”. Well, fine. I accept that it isn’t. Just explain to me what do you define this act as? Because people, if you don’t consider this stupid, maybe our world does deserve an extinction level event.

The priest apparently stayed buried in the mud for eight hours, praying to eradicate coronavirus from the world. 

I have no idea about whatever this person was thinking but I do know one thing, if Covid-19 could be eradicated by this means, millions of people wouldn’t have been affected and thousands would still be alive.

A question to all those religious, spiritual people out there:
If this isn’t stupid, what is?

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    • Religion is not stupidity.He is not stupid.But his behavior is stupid.However who knows what is going on in his mind/subconscious mind?.Is he happy?.Did he lost his job?.Did is girlfriend left him for another?.In what State of mind is he in?.Or is he trying to make name for himself?.If that is his plan.It sounds good to me.Religion is no longer religious.People are indoctrinated.Each religious group condemning the other.Religion is now a lucrative business. God can you speak.?.We are waiting to hear from you. 😁😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  1. It is stupid, and not because it’s supposedly a religious act. It was a selfish—perhaps even a narcissistic one. He placed himself at the forefront instead of the God (or gods) he professes to worship. There was no humility involved in his act, and good, honest prayer always requires humility that focuses on God (or gods, depending) not ourselves.


  2. Yes it is. In 2014, one baba Ashutosh suffered heart attack and declared clinically dead, but his disciples kept his body stating he was alive and in deep meditation called samadhi.

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  3. I don’t know what to make of those actions, since I’ve never done anything like them because of religion. And I don’t understand how this sort of thing is supposed to work, which I guess it is supposed to. Someone who’s religious and understands religious spectacle would have to explain it to me. Not that I’d be convinced, not easily, most likely not at all. Who came up with this plan? If he or his group designed it, then I’d say if God is active in the world, it might be a good idea not to put God in a box made out of human expectation.


  4. Well… Covid-19 kinda frustrates people… a helpless type feeling ? At the mercy of? And then of course with the lock down, that didn’t help matters “mentally”

    He definitely wanted attention lol… that is an attention grabbing move – very dramatic lol

    So my guess is that he wanted to draw attention to either the situation and the power of prayer? Or himself or a little of both?

    Plus kept him busy… planning and creating that lol … I bet he was excited about it

    It also could have helped him feel less helpless ? Like he was doing something towards the cause?

    And then also – at the very least, entertainment and a smile for the masses

    He got the attention he wanted right? Lol – so essentially his mission was accomplished for whatever reason it was.

    I am not for or against religion… that is a personal individual preference… I am always supportive of however anyone wishes to believe ✌️

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  5. Although it’s difficult, I’ve found solace in a happy medium of religion & spirituality, and science. Granted, your belief system has to acknowledge science to begin with for it to not lead to some cognitive dissonance.

    This, though. This, is stupid.


  6. HAHAH, well, now, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen today! I am “religious” in terms of I have my faith, but I wholeheartedly agree with you, if religion could eradicate COVID, there would be tons of folks still alive, and many more religion-practicing individuals.

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